It has been 16 years since Will Smith and Martin Lawrence last shared a set, but now that they’ve joined forces again for Bad Boys For Life, the pair can tell just how impactful it truly is.

“It’s been really special,” Will, 51, said during an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show with his costar, 54. ‘We shot some pieces in Atlanta, and people seeing us together on the street — there’s this really magical thing with ‘Bad Boys.'”

Martin Lawrence Will Smith
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“I didn’t know that people had that kind of energy towards it!” the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air alum added. The dynamic duo first teamed up for the original Bad Boys, way back in 1995. However, this time around the actors admit they left all the dangerous stunts to professionals. “I gave it a shot,” the Oscar nominee explained. “I probably got four days into shooting, and then I was like, ‘We’re gonna let the young boy do those.'”

While it has been some time since Will and Martin got together, things have obviously changed. The Big Momma’s House star is a family man, as he has three daughters — Jasmine, 23, Iyanna, 19, and Amara, 17. On the other side of things, Will has three kids of his own — sons Trey, 27, and Jaden, 21, and daughter Willow, 19.

Martin Lawrence Will Smith

We’re sure that Will’s children are happy that their famous father took on the role in the anticipated sequel, especially since he is known for turning down quite the job — Will once revealed he said “no” to being the lead in The Matrix.

“Alright, this is one of [those] stories I’m not proud of, but it’s the truth. I did turn down Neo in The Matrix,” the A-lister confessed on his YouTube channel in early 2019. “I’m not proud of it. And, you know, you see people that Monday [after the movie comes out] and I was walking around saying, ‘Hey, guys, sorry. Listen, I’m working on ‘Bad Boys 2.’ Don’t worry about it.'”

You can see Will and Martin take on bad guys and protect the innocent in Bad Boys For Life, out on January 17. We know it is going to be one crazy ride!