After a spreadsheet went viral last week detailing the excuses one wife allegedly gave her husband to get out of sex, the internet got talking, particularly about whether marriage changes intimacy.

One blogger had already tested the theory and shared her findings with HuffPost Live.

Speaking about her article titled, "Five Reasons You Should Have Sex With Your Husband Every Day," Megan Conley said the goal of her experiment wasn't to have mind-blowing sex, but to be committed to daily intimacy, whether that included intercourse or not.

"I go and work out every single day. I go to Zumba and humiliate myself in front of 45 women every single day because I decided my body is worth it and I'd like to wear a swimsuit at some point, so why can't I put 15 minutes a day toward my relationship?" Megan reasoned.

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Luckily, she had no trouble getting her husband to agree to the idea! "It was this challenge that my husband very happily accepted, so we decided to do that for a month, and sometimes it was 15 minutes and sometimes it was several hours, and it was fantastic," she shared.

Not only did more frequent love-making improve their physical connection, it also improved their emotional one.

Megan shares that after her father died in February, the work her and her husband had put into their relationship allowed her to heal and to "see each other's souls."

And for the writer, the experiment changed how she viewed sex in general. "As a woman, when I saw sex as something that strengthened my relationship, it became much more interesting to me," she admits.

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