It’s no secret Shania Twain is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. After so many years of success, the “Any Man of Mine” superstar’s son, Eja Lange, has decided to follow in her footsteps and create music of his own.

“He’s been making music for a few years now,” Shania previously told Sounds Like Nashville in an interview. “He’s very devoted and a real hard worker. He’s got a crazy passion for making music, and it’s really fun to watch.”

Shania Twain

However, Eja doesn’t want to live in his mom’s shadow. That’s why he’s been listening to different kinds of music to find his own voice. “He definitely listens to EDM, so that’s where he is as a fan, but he listens to all kinds of music,” Shania explained. “He likes a wide variety of stuff. Hans Zimmer is one of his biggest heroes.”

As a musician, Eja likes to write his own songs. He takes after his mom and his record producer father, Robert John “Mutt” Lange, whom Shania divorced in 2010. After their marriage was over, she went on to date her current husband, Frédéric Thiébaud, whom she tied the knot with in 2011. But even though Shania’s love life has taken a few twists and turns, her adoration for her son has always remained the same.

In fact, the “You’re Still the One” singer said she’s not going to hold Eja back from doing what he loves the most. She’s just glad that he enjoys songwriting more than performing.

Frederic Thiebaud and Shania Twain

“He’s not taking interest in being a performer, so I’m relieved about that if I was being really honest,” she confessed. “I think he’ll enjoy music more just being the creator of the music. It’s just really taxing being a performer, being the person out in front, unless that’s what he really wants. He just has a quiet confidence about him.”

Since Eja doesn’t have an extroverted personality, his mom thinks he’s doing the right thing in his career. “I think it will suit him well to be the creator,” she said.

We can’t wait to hear what new music he’ll come out with.

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