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6 Fast Facts You Might Not Know About Casey Affleck

For years Ben Affleck has graced our big screens and embraced the title of A-list actor — but he is not the only famous member of his family: his younger brother Casey Affleck has also had his own success in Hollywood. Now it is time you get to know the other Affleck sibling!

In 1975, three years after the Gone Girl director was born, his little brother would arrive — and it should come as no surprise but Casey also would find himself on the entertaining route like his older sibling. In 1997, the famous duo would appear in two films together. The first, a Kevin Smith directed film titled Chasing Amy, and the other, the classic movie Good Will Hunting alongside Robin Williams and Matt Damon. Ben would win an Oscar for the latter.

Casey Affleck Ben Affleck

However, Casey would walk the Academy Awards stage almost 20 years later as he would take home the Best Actor statue for his performance in Manchester By the Sea. However, since they are brothers, they of course never miss a chance to poke fun at one another.

“I don’t bust his balls anymore because his career has just taken a nosedive,” Casey once joked while making an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this summer. “I gotta build him back up, you know what I mean. It’s no fun, when a guy’s down here, to kick him. You gotta build him back up.” Although, the younger sibling has no problem giving credit where it’s due.

“There are a lot of things I’ve learned from him,” he concluded. “He’s a very smart guy, good director.”

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