In 2019, The View’s Ana Navarro married Al Cárdenas in her dream wedding! The talk show personality and her husband have been inseparable ever since.

Who Is Ana Navarro’s Husband?

Al is a lawyer and politician who was born in Cuba. He served as the chair of the Florida Republican Party from 1999 to 2003. The activist has known Ana since the ‘90s, but during the 2008 election cycle, they experienced some intense moments as they were on opposing sides.

“We were at war,” she told Aventura Magazine in November 2022. “We got into some pretty heated televised debates. I always took advantage of Al because he was so chivalrous and would never throw the blows I would.”

“In those days, we didn’t live together,” Al said. “If we had different opinions or she wouldn’t speak to me, it was [still] good and I was always okay with [her]. Now that we live under the same roof and have been in love for a long time, I’m not going to get into a spiff with my wife over politics that’ll ruin our marriage. We might disagree, but it’s not a huge deal.”

Ana announced her engagement to Al on Instagram in October 2018.

“Yes, I have some happy personal news to share. And now, I have a wedding to plan!!! So much to do,” she captioned a photo of her ring. “So many options. So much to decide. Where do I start? #Bridezillatina.”

The pair, who have a 24-year age gap between them, walked down the aisle after three decades of knowing each other in a Miami Beach, Florida, ceremony attended by her colleagues from The View.

“I feel full of love and surrounded by love,” the political strategist told People of her nuptials in March 2019. “He treats me like I’m a princess, he treats me with so much love and respect … I like everything about him.”

Who Is Ana Navarro’s Husband Al Cardenas? Inside Marriage
Courtesy of Ana Navarro/Instagram

Where Does Ana Navarro Live?

While filming for The View takes place in NYC, Ana and Al live in Miami. She travels to the Big Apple from Miami each week to appear on the show.

“Miami is home,” she said. “For both of us, it’s such a special treat to be home and sleep in our beds and play with our dog. When we are together with our 5-pound poodle, ChaCha, it’s OK because we’re home.”

The couple rarely talk about politics in their home, and instead focus more on enjoying their time together.

“We talk a lot more about our schedules than we do about politics at home,” Ana explained. “Getting them to coordinate and figuring out where he is going to be on any given week or where I’m going to be can be very challenging.”