Before Barbara Walters adopted her daughter, Jackie, she thought she had it all. It wasn’t until after her little girl arrived that she learned the true meaning of love.

“I adore my daughter,” the TV anchor gushed during a previous episode of Oprah’s Master Class. “To know that you can have this kind of love that I feel for her … ”

Barbara, 90, couldn’t even finish her sentence when she began to think about her 51-year-old kid. “I’m laughing because my daughter said to me recently, ‘Mom, when you have Alzheimer’s, you can come down and live next to me. Not if you have Alzheimer’s, but, Mom, when you have Alzheimer’s,’” she recalled while smiling. “I take that as a very loving compliment.”

barbara walters and her daughter

As Jackie started to grow up, she found it very “difficult” to be the daughter of a very famous TV journalist who was always in demand.

“Jackie has found it difficult, all her life, because she wants to be anonymous, she just doesn’t like to be a celebrity,” her mom said in her 2014 news special called Barbara Walters: Her Story. “She may be the only one in the world who doesn’t like to be a celebrity.”

Barbara tried very hard to shield Jackie away from the world, but it didn’t help that she would sometimes put her career first.

“I was so busy with a career. It’s the age-old problem,” she explained. “And, you know, on your deathbed, are you going to say, ‘I wish I spent more time in the office?’ No. You’ll say, ‘I wish I spent more time with my family,’ and I do feel that way. I wish I had spent more time with my Jackie.”

Barbara Walters

Barbara also had a hard time putting the men in her life first before her job. She recalls her previous marriages to Robert Henry Katz, Lee Guber and Merv Adelson dissolving because she was a career woman at heart.

“I don’t think that I was very good at marriage,” she confessed. “It may be that my career was just too important. It may have been that I was a difficult person to be married to, and I just seem to be better alone. I’m not lonely, I’m alone.”

However, with Jackie by her side. Barbara never has to feel like she’s “alone” ever again. Her daughter has her back no matter what!