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Anna Wintour’s Kids Have Learned a Lot From the Fashion Icon! Meet Daughter Bee and Son Charlie

In The Devil Wears Prada, Meryl Streep‘s character Miranda Priestly may be loosely based on Anna Wintour — but in real life, the Vogue editor in chief is not as intimidating as she seems. Anna is especially warmhearted when it comes to being the mom of her two kids, Bee Carrozzini (née Shaffer) and Charlie Shaffer.

The British journalist shares her children with her first husband, David Shaffer, whom she married in 1984. The exes stayed together for 15 years until they divorced in 1999. She later found love with her second husband, Shelby Bryan. In 2004, they made their romance official by getting married in a beautiful wedding ceremony.

At first, being a working mom with a very successful career was a lot for Anna to endure. But in time, she found that combining her home life and work became very “fulfilling” for her. In May 2015, she told Stella magazine that the hardest part about having kids was leaving them behind to travel for work.

“Of course, there were times, particularly when you travel, when [it was] very tough to leave the kids — particularly when they were very young,” she explained. “And I’m not trying to be dismissive with this; of course, there were times when it was difficult. But it’s the way we all live today and it’s not changing.’”

Instead of shielding her children from her career, Anna decided to show them what it was like working in the fashion industry. Her goal was to make them understand that women work just as hard as men.

“I would try to take them with me when I could just so they could experience and see a little bit of what a work day involved,” the September Issue actress said at the time. “I always made a point of talking to them about what I did and introducing them to people I worked with.”

Ultimately, Anna’s kids grew up to become hard workers just like her. When Charlie was in his 20s, he got accepted into Columbia University to practice medicine and Bee got a job as a segment producer at Late Night with Seth Meyers.

To learn more about Anna’s family, scroll below to meet Bee and Charlie!