The Golden Bachelor is in full swing as Gerry Turner has started forming connections with several of the women vying for his heart. During the second episode of the season, a contestant named Marina abruptly disappeared from the dating show. Her mysterious absence was later explained in a social media post on October 5.

What Happened to Marina From ‘The Golden Bachelor’?

In the clip shared on the show’s official Instagram account, host Jesse Palmer visited Gerry to tell him that Marina chose to leave the Bachelor mansion.

“Marina’s had a situation with her family back home,” he explained to Gerry. “She’s no longer here now, but she did want the opportunity to speak to you, if that’s OK,”

Jesse called Marina on FaceTime to allow her to explain her decision to go home.

“The thing I wanted to tell you [is] I’m a single mom, and I had to choose my family and support my family’s needs at this time,” Marina said. “I am sorry that I had to leave, but at the same time, I had to get my priorities straight.”

As if viewers couldn’t love Gerry more, he was incredibly sweet and compassionate during the conversation.

“I fully understand commitment to family overrides just about everything else,” the retiree told Marina. “I really respect you for doing what you’ve done. I agree with you 100 percent that you need to put your family needs before everything else.”

The pair ended the phone call on good terms and Marina wished Gerry luck for the rest of his journey.

“I think I needed to hear that,” Marina replied. “I want to wish you well. I think there are some beautiful women with beautiful souls. I want to wish you nothing but my best from my heart.”

The comments section of the post was full of love for Gerry and Marina, the latter of whom fans are hoping to see on TV again in the future.

“I think Marina should get a second chance and be a Golden Bachelorette,” one comment read, while another echoed, “Marina for Golden Bachelorette!”

Which Contestants Are Still Competing on ‘The Golden Bachelor’?

After Marina’s departure from the program, the ladies threw Gerry a surprise 72nd birthday party. They celebrated with a barbecue and fun activities outside in the backyard. Many continued to strengthen their connections with the show’s leading man.

At the end of the episode, Gerry sent Jeanie, Natascha and Peggy home. He burst into tears at the rose ceremony after saying goodbye to the three incredible women. Leslie, Edith, Sandra, Susan, Christina, Faith, April and Kathy still remain in the quest for love.