In college, Kelsey Byers gained 50 pounds in just two years due to bad eating habits and skipping workouts.

After she overheard someone refer to her as a “whale,” the Normangee, Texas native, now 32, decided to embark on a weight loss journey to feel comfortable in her body again — and has shed an impressive 50 pounds!

“I feel incredible and have more energy than ever before,” the mom-of-one exclusively told ‘Closer’ of her transformation.

Read on to find out how Kelsey successfully lost the weight and turned her life around!

kelsey byers

(Photo Courtesy of Kelsey Byers)

  • What was your life like before the weight loss?

I was very active growing up and never had a problem with my weight. I graduated high school wearing a size 4. When I went to college, I developed some bad habits like eating fast food, drinking alcohol and skipping workouts. In just two years, I gained fifty pounds. The weight snuck up on me. I was miserable. When I went out with friends, I found myself constantly feeling insecure and tugging at my clothes. I did not like looking in the mirror and started avoiding weighing myself on the scale.

  • Was there a specific event or moment that triggered your weight loss?

One day, I overheard a guy refer to me as a “whale.” Until that point, no one had even addressed the fact that I had gained so much weight. Today, I am thankful for that comment because it [motivated] me. I knew I needed to get healthy for me, and me alone. Had I not changed my lifestyle, I am certain I was on my way to diabetes and high blood pressure.

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(Photo Courtesy of Kelsey Byers)

  • How did you get started with your weight loss journey?

Developing healthy habits did not happen overnight. I started by cooking at my apartment more and going out to eat less frequently. I also cut back on the amount of alcohol I was drinking at social events because I found it made me want to snack on not-so-healthy foods. I set a goal of working out 2-3 days a week at first. I didn’t want to give up so I made it a point not to go overboard with exercise so I didn’t burn myself out. I was also not a fan of diets because [they] only seemed like a temporary solution. I wanted and needed a lifestyle change.

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  • How does it feel now that you’ve lost the weight?

It takes your mind a while to adjust to a substantial weight loss. Your body looks tight and toned but your mind might still tell you to reach for those size 12-14’s while shopping. [Now], I feel incredible and have more energy than ever before. I never would have thought that my “before and after” photos could help so many wonderful people searching for answers, but I am thankful I have those photos and got over my embarrassment of sharing them. You never want to admit you let yourself go that far, but as it turns out, my weight loss transformation has helped so many people that I got over that humiliation long ago.

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