Stars and movie buffs flocked to Bentonville, Arkansas for the 5th Annual Bentonville Film Festival, which ran from May 7 – May 11. Created by actress Geena Davis, the festival is partnered with Walmart, and is steadfast in its mission to showcase diversity and inclusion in the arts.

AMI got a chance to talk to with Brittney Duke, the VP of Marketing Operations at Walmart, to shine a light on the festival’s mission. She spoke about how Geena is paving the way for diversity and inclusion in the media.

The BFF also honored American Horror Story star Jamie Brewer, with its “See It Be It Award,” which highlights the voices of rising influential people with disabilities.

“Jamie personifies what we’re doing here at the festival. At the festival, we want to highlight people of all diversity, ethnicity, LGBTQ, people with disability, everything you can think of. And Jamie just embodies all of that, and she is an incredible role model in the industry, leading the way for many,” Brittney shared.

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