We are convinced that Ree Drummond can do it all! The Pioneer Woman juggles being an American blogger, author, food writer, photographer, television personality, mom-of-four, and so much more, all while living on a working ranch outside of Pawhuska, OK. We aren’t really sure what makes a person Barbie-worthy, but we’re pretty sure Ree has surpassed that criteria!

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Ree already has a famous line of gorgeous, flowery kitchenware at Walmart. And now, if you stop at any one the retail chain’s many stores, you can also pick up her new Barbie doll! Toy company Mattel worked with Ree, 49, to craft the most perfect depiction of herself in Barbie form, and we have to admit, she’s super cute. The Barbie doll has fiery red hair, freckles on her cheeks, and comes wearing a loose-fitting floral top and, of course, some cowboy boots. Since Ree has a very distinct “Pioneer Woman” look, she wanted to make sure that her Barbie truly resembled her.

“The Pioneer Woman” Barbie, which is being exclusively sold at Walmart, also comes with an impressive kitchen set for $45. The set is intended to depict Ree’s actual kitchenware line, therefore the items are extremely detailed, including a toaster decorated with flowers just like the real-life toasters in her home collection. The cool thing about Ree’s Barbie set is all the tiny items are moveable. The toaster actually pops “toast” and the tiny stand mixer really mixes. There are also side sets that you can buy, such as a pasta set and a barbeque set.

Ree told Delish that when she heard Mattel was thinking of creating a Barbie inspired by her, she immediately went back to her Barbie-obsessed childhood. “My younger sister, when she got them as gifts, I was too old to play with them, but I did anyway,” she recalled. “I remember spending hours with the Barbie Dream Home and the camping sets when I was younger.” Ree’s children are now the ones that should be excited about playing with Barbies. Even though her kids, Alex, 21, Paige, 18, Bryce, 16, and Todd, 14, are a little older now, we couldn’t imagine anything cooler than playing with a Barbie based off your mom!