Even if you don’t recognize the name Ree Drummond, you might recognize her alter-ego, The Pioneer Woman. This 49-year-old blogger, chef, and TV star has made millions off that brand, but her Hollywood income is only a fraction of her family’s yearly earnings. In fact, it’s been reported that the government pays the Drummond family millions for their Oklahoma ranch— cool right?! Scroll down to see everything you need to know about Ree!

Ree has a seven-figure net worth

According to AOL.com, Ree’s personal net worth is about $8 million. That includes the aforementioned government payout, profits from her family’s cattle business, and, of course, all the money she’s earned through her Pioneer Woman brand.

Her life almost became a movie with Reese Witherspoon

In 2010, Columbia Pictures bought the film rights to Ree’s blog, intending to turn it into a romantic comedy and a “potential star vehicle for Reese Witherspoon,” as Deadline reported at the time. It’s actually not a stretch to imagine Ree’s life as a rom-com. She was living in LA and making plans to attend law school in Chicago when she happened to meet her future husband, Ladd Drummond, at an Oklahoma bar. “I really had no business getting attached to anyone around here, let alone some boot-wearing cowboy,” she later blogged. “Cowboys ride horses, after all, and they wear bandanas around their necks and pee outside and name their children Dolly and Travis and whittle on the back porch every evening. Talk about my polar opposite.” (Talk about a meet-cute!)

Her husband is a fifth-generation cattle farmer

Ladd, Ree’s hubby of 21 years, co-owns Drummond Land & Cattle Co. with his brother, and the ranch has been in their family for five generations now, according to People. He and Ree live and raise their four kids in a house just a few miles from the lodge where Ree films her show. Fun fact: Ree was actually a vegetarian before her husband converted her. “Ladd cooked me a steak sizzling in butter, and it was all over,” she once confessed.

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The Drummonds are some of the US’ largest landowners

The Drummonds own 433,000 acres of land, making the family the 23rd-largest landowners in the US, according to the Land Report (via AOL.com). In fact, the Land Report claimed the Bureau of Land Management has paid the Drummonds more than $23.9 million over the past decade because the family allows wild horses and burros on the property.

Ree is a boon to the local economy

In addition to her beautiful ranch outside of Pawhuska, OK, Ree and her family have also opened a restaurant, The Mercantile, in Pawhuska’s downtown area. In fact, Ree is the second-largest employer in the small city, as Thrillist reported. “Ree doesn’t talk about this much, but she has gone out of her way to ensure that everyone is being paid [a] living wage,” Taylor Potter, the restaurant’s director of operations, told the site.