Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond's hotel may be booked months in advance, but if you want to enjoy her rustic world sooner, we hope you're in the mood for pizza in Pawhuska, OK. Ree just announced a new pizza restaurant in the same town as her hotel that could open before the end of this month.

The Food Network star and award-winning chef took to Instagram to share the exciting news. She wrote, "P-Town Pizza. I think we're gonna open next week if we can push ourselves over the finish line. In other news, this might not have been the best time to take a break from carbs…" As you'd expect with Ree, the announcement was accompanied by a series of mouthwatering photos of pizza!

We have to say, that's one of the yummiest photo collections we've seen in a while! But for Ree and her husband, Ladd Drummond (also known as "Marlboro Man"), it's just one more impressive project of many under their belts. After all, they already have their hotel The Boarding House and their other restaurant, The Mercantile, bringing thousands of people into their beloved "small-town USA" corner of the world.

But for those of us who haven't had the chance to visit yet, it's exciting to know that there's another new place to go try Ree's recipes for ourselves. And unlike the hotel, we're pretty sure that we won't have to wait half a year in order to get in at this restaurant (knock on wood — which incidentally, you're sure to find at this wood-fired pizzeria). It's also pretty wonderful to see so many delightful businesses opening up in such a lovely small town.

Ree, staying true to form, is definitely not stopping there — or even getting close to slowing down. She and her husband also have yet another restaurant coming out later this year: P.W. Steakhouse and Saloon. That one will be reservations-only, and we're certain it'll be just as high in demand as everything else the Pioneer Woman does. What an amazing gal!

This post originally appeared on our sister site, Woman's World.