She may be extremely famous and wealthy, but Victoria Beckham is still completely alright with taking something with her when she travels — something that we can all relate to also having around: good old tequila.

The 44-year-old, who runs her own YouTube channel, recently took to the video platform to share some candid moments with fans from her recent trip to New York City to promote her collaboration with Reebok. While out in the city, the former Spice Girl also celebrated female artists at the Old Masters preview event at Sotheby’s and hung out on Live with Kelly and Ryan. And, in her video, Victoria revealed that she travels with some tequila in order to help get her through it all.

“I take my mate, Don, with me most places,” she said, holding up a bottle of Don Julio liquor, “because even when you’re really tired, really not in the mood, Don will get you through it.” Well said, girl.

While taking tequila everywhere she goes may not seem like the craziest idea, the fashion designer does have one habit that drives her husband, David Beckham, pretty nuts: her untidiness. “This would be giving David a panic attack right now, a full-on panic attack,” Victoria admitted of her cluttered hotel room while showing off the space during the same trip video. “You know what it looks like? It looks like Victoria Beckham threw up everywhere! It’s like designer clothes everywhere.”

Victoria Beckham David Beckham
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She added, “You can take a little look around at the chaos. So we’ve got one wardrobe full of clothes here. We’ve got another wardrobe full of clothes here. Bit of a mess everywhere. And you can see why I drive my husband crazy because he is super, super tidy. And I’m a germaphobe … Everywhere has got to be super, super clean. I mean, I disinfect everywhere, but I am a bit messy. What are you going to do?”

Sounds like the retired soccer player may need a drink to deal with this.