Valerie Bertinelli’s colorful language during an appearance on the Tuesday, April 2, episode of The View resulted in her being censored twice during the hour-long show. The One Day at a Time star showed up to talk about her new cookbook, Indulge, but the conversation took a left turn into politics.

“I just want you to know how dang important it is for everyone to vote,” Valerie, 63, told the audience. “Please, vote for your own benefit. Thank you. I get a little excited, and I just have to think about our queen Taylor Swift and calm the f–k down.”

The censors muted the last part of her statement, but viewers could see Valerie mouthing the words.

From there, Valerie switched to the topic of internet trolls and how she doesn’t tolerate the negativity.

She said, “You’re not allowed in my arena if you’re going to be an a–hole,” but censors dropped the sound once again.

Valerie also snapped at longtime View cohost Joy Behar. The Hot in Cleveland alum brought several dishes from her cookbook to share with the hosts, but she seemed confused about some of the food.

“What is this? Did I make this?” Valerie asked.

Valerie Bertinelli Censored Twice During The View Appearance
Monica Schipper / Getty Images

Joy, 81, replied, “Turkey? Is this turkey?” But Valerie snapped, “Joy, I don’t know. No, that’s chicken.”

Valerie has found herself in the spotlight again as she is making the rounds to promote her new cookbook, but she’s also opened up about more emotional topics, including her struggles with body image.

“In my toolbox of things on how to deal with any kind of emotion I’m going through that I do not want to feel, I take out food, sometimes I take out alcohol,” Valerie told USA Today in an article published on Tuesday, April 2. “Until I decided to truly feel my pain and walk through it and get to the other side, nothing in my life was going to change. And that’s what I did. It was a really hard but incredibly fulfilling last two years, learning that I could run with the breeze in my hair and feel true joy.”

The mom of one added, “I’m the (expletive) poster child for being food- and weight-shamed. I lose weight on Jenny Craig and I’m lovable? I was lovable before. That messed with my mind, I bought into diet culture hook, line and sinker like everybody else.”