It has been more than two decades since Joy Behar sat at the hosting desk on The View for the very first time. Many have wondered if the broadcaster is still on the talk show after all these years and if she has plans to retire. 

When Did Joy Behar Join ‘The View’?

Joy joined The View as a cohost in 1997. She sat alongside Meredith Vieira, Star Jones, Barbara Walters and Debbie Matenopoulos during the first season of the show.

Did Joy Behar Get Fired From ‘The View’?

Over the years, the hosting panel on the program has gone through a number of changes, with many beloved hosts stepping down from their positions. Longtime viewers were shocked when Joy temporarily left The View in 2013. The Baby Boom actress was relieved when she was initially ousted from the series. 

“When they told me they weren’t renewing, I said, ‘Good, I’m out of here,’” she told People in March 2017. “I didn’t like the way the show was going at that time.” 

After making several appearances as a guest cohost in the months that followed, Joy returned to The View as a full-time cohost in 2015. 

“Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in,” she said in a statement at the time. “And I’m looking forward to sticking my two cents into the hot topics.”

Years after Joy left the show and made her return, the comedian reflected on the whole situation. 

“I was glad to be fired,” she admitted during a July 2022 interview with Time. “I basically was sick of the show at that point for some reason, I don’t even remember why.” 

Is Joy Behar Still on ‘The View’? 

Though she has taken time off from the show here and there, Joy is still a main cast member on The View. In fact, the TV personality is the longest-serving host on the series. 

Joy Behar wears sunglasses during a walk
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Is Joy Behar Leaving ‘The View’?

It doesn’t look like Joy has any plans to leave the long-running television phenomenon any time soon.

“I just signed a contract, so I’ll be here for a while,” she told People in October 2022. “I have no plans to retire.”

At the time, Joy, who is married to Steve Janowitz, was approaching her 80th birthday. 

“It’s really, you know, something that is an important show in many ways,” the New York native continued. “Sometimes I don’t believe that, as I’ve been here since the beginning, but we’re the most-watched show in daytime. Most-watched!”

In March 2024, she did get rather emotional while talking about retiring some day in the future. The moment came as she was discussing Jason Kelce‘s retirement from the NFL. The athlete made the heartbreaking announcement through tears during a press conference.

“He sounds more upset that he’s leaving his friends,” Joy said during an episode of The View after Jason’s announcement. “When I leave this show, it will not be because I’m worried about my future. It’ll be because I will miss my friends. That’s basically it.”

Her costars rushed to hug her and support her as she nearly broke down in tears. “I love when you say that,” Sara Haines said while hugging Joy. The audience was truly touched by the rare display of emotions.

“The good news is you can never leave us,” cohost Alyssa Farah Griffin said.