Super Bowl 2024 marks Travis Kelce’s second trip to the championship game in a row. In 2023, Travis’ team , the Kansas City Chiefs, went up against ​his brother Jason Kelce’s ​team, the Philadelphia Eagles, which meant their family was between a rock and a hard place when it came to who to root for in the big game. ​Since the Eagles didn’t make it to the Super Bowl in 2024, Travis’ entire family ​will be supporting him from the stands.

Who Are the Members of Travis Kelce’s Family?

Travis’s family is made up of his parents, Donna and Ed Kelce, and older brother Jason. While Donna and Ed are now divorced, they’ve remained great friends over the years. Fans can also sometimes see Jason’s wife, Kylie Kelce, in the stands supporting her brother-in-law. Travis is an uncle to Jason and Kylie’s three daughters, Wyatt, Elliotte and Bennett.

Who Is Travis Kelce’s Mom?

Travis always has a large group of people supporting him and one of his biggest supporters is his mom, Donna. Donna’s a constant supporter of Travis and can be seen decked out from head to toe in Kansas City Chiefs gear. When both Jason and Travis played in the 2023 Super Bowl, Mama Kelce wore a split Eagles and Chiefs jersey to support both of her boys.

This year she’s garnered even more attention as she’s been seen chatting with Travis’ girlfriend, pop star Taylor Swift. The NFL mom received some backlash from fans after they thought her comments about Taylor during an interview on The Today Show were unenthusiastic, but the Wall Street Journal revealed in an article published in October 2023 that Travis called to cheer her up. Since then, she’s gotten more comfortable dishing about Taylor.

Who Is Travis Kelce’s Dad?

Travis’ dad, Ed Kelce, is a retired sales rep for the steel industry. Before working in sales, Ed tried to go into the military, but a knee injury caused the Army to reject his application. He then went on to join the Coast Guard, but his time there was cut short due to a Crohn’s Disease diagnosis.

Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce hug on the field after the Chiefs took on the Eagles in November 2023.
Ryan Kang / Getty Images

Ed often attends his sons’ games and laughs about the attention he and Donna get from the media ​in the midst of their son’s relationship with one of the biggest names in music. In January 2024, the Cleveland, Ohio, native joked about how he didn’t recognize Taylor the first time he met her during an interview with Audacy’s 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland.

Who Is Travis Kelce’s Brother?

Travis’ brother Jason cheers Travis on when he’s not on the field himself. Jason is two years older than Travis and their mom, Donna, said the siblings have always been each other’s biggest fans. When Jason isn’t playing for the Eagles or helping Kylie out with the kids, Jason cohosts the “New Heights” podcast with Travis. The guys release weekly episodes that mostly focus on football, but they throw in enough pop culture references so that the average listener can enjoy it, too.

Jason made headlines by hilariously ripping off his shirt and jumping out of the suite window after Travis’ touchdown during the 2024 AFC Championship game.