Today fans are taking sides after the recent interview controversy surrounding Savannah Guthrie and guest Kelly Rowland. The February 15 talk show segment sent the internet into a firestorm of comments from viewers who were dissatisfied with the tense interaction.

During the segment, a clip from Kelly’s days as a member of Destiny’s Child played on the screen. When asked how she felt watching the clip, she said, “That was so long ago, I’m 43 now.”

Additionally, Savannah, 52, asked, “What do you think about your friend Beyoncé? She’s like your sister, you guys literally grew up together – she’s stepping into country.” Kelly replied, “I’m so proud of her.”

When asked a similar question for the second time, Kelly’s answer remained the same. In the moments following the interview, the Grammy winner, who was due to serve as a guest cohost on Today With Hoda & Jenna, ended up walking off the set of the show. Conflicting reports indicated both unhappiness with the show’s dressing rooms and the uncomfortable interview as the reasons for Kelly’s hasty exit.

“Kelly has been in those dressing rooms multiple times over the last few years,” one person wrote on X after the debacle. “This can’t be about the dressing room. It probably had more to do with the interview with Savannah Guthrie and her disrespect towards Kelly with all the Beyoncé questions.”

“Savannah Guthrie completely disrespected and dishonored Kelly Rowland during her interview with her. Savannah is a WANNABE and gets too aggressive and inappropriate trying to dig her way up. Each time, she falls back instead,” another X user wrote.

Others wished Savannah had just simply asked more questions about Mea Culpa.

“I’m still curious as to why Savannah felt the need to interview Kelly Rowland about Beyoncé when Savannah was assigned the task of interviewing Kelly about her new movie,” another post read. “Such disrespect towards Kelly.”

Savannah Guthrie and Kelly Ripa drama
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One person came to Savannah’s defense, writing, “Since when did asking 1 question become a crime? especially when said question is a trending topic?”

When the clip of the interview was posted on YouTube, the comments were split between people praising Kelly for how she handled the curveballs and others saying Savannah did nothing wrong.

“The interview was doing well until the last few minutes. Savannah, I know you are just doing what the producers tell you — but come on — this is about Kelly! So not cool to pry about Beyoncé, it’s unfair to Kelly who was there to promote her upcoming film — keep it at that! Kelly looked absolutely stunning and amazing per usual!” one person penned in a comment underneath the video.