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You may have thought of building furniture at some point in your life. Whether the sheer bliss of creating crafts from your hands or the joy of cutting down additional expenses, woodworking is a task many aim to finish. However, not everyone fulfills this accomplishment, and some give up midway, realizing that woodworking is not for all. Sometimes, it is not that people lack the skill set, but many become discouraged due to complicated instructions.

Ted’s Woodworking offers informative guides to help inform you which DIY crafting project suits you best. Here’s a bit more about the company and its offerings to help determine if this practical service is best suited for you.

Ted's Woodworking

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Ted’s Woodworking Review: Company Overview

Ted McGrath is a dedicated person whose number one passion is woodworking. He spent more than 20 years polishing his craft. A member of AWI, a trainer, and a certified woodworker, everyone thought the prestige he gained was the fruit of his talent. On the contrary, McGrath went through enormous obstacles before getting to where he is today.

Ted’s Rough Start

Ted McGrath’s grandpa was very adept at woodwork. Ever since then, it has been Ted’s dream to be like his grandpa as he watches him craft beautiful items with wood. Inspired by his grandpa, Ted tried making a birdhouse and a soapbox derby car, both which ended up as failures. Then, a turning point came to him. “After I buy my own house,” Ted thought to himself. “I will make my furniture.”

Giving up is not an option for McGrath, so he bought a magazine and looked for free plans. Unfortunately, most of the projects were either unclear or misguided. His last resort was to go back to school, and he would take the next four years in woodshop and design drafting classes in his local community college. There, he met the person who would change his life: John Coleman. Coleman is a master craftsman in Texas, and he reminds Ted of his grandfather. Coleman taught McGrath how to design, use tools and utilize advanced carpentry techniques passed down from his family for generations. The combination of school and hands-on experience made McGrath better with his craft. From there, Coleman and McGrath painstakingly compiled all of what would become Ted’s Woodworking plans. They started at 1,000 projects and eventually grew to 16,000 DIY programs.

About Ted’s Woodworking

Ted’s Woodworking has been dubbed the “Earth’s Largest Database of Woodworking Projects” featured in CNN, AOL, Yahoo!, and Entrepreneur. Moreover, the Woodworking Association awarded the company the Reader’s Choice Award.

Ted’s Woodworking contains all of Ted McGrath’s 20 years of hard work. However, McGrath did not accomplish it alone. He had John Coleman’s help in the process, and since John is also a woodworker by profession, giving away all of these plans in the collection would be a huge setback for both of them. McGrath decided to agree with John’s condition: limit the copies of Ted’s Woodworking available to only 20,000.

Is Ted’s Woodworking Legit?

Yes, Ted’s Woodworking is a legitimate company. However, be wary of fake sites offering it. These sites look like the actual one, even imitating the finest detail. Always check the URL and only buy from the original website or else you will fall prey to phony sellers who only compiled free plans from the internet and charge you more than what they promise.


  • Comprehensive

  • Affordable

  • Discounted price

  • One-time purchase (no monthly payments)

  • Beginner-friendly

  • Comes with pictures from all angles

  • Contains complete materials plus specs

  • Detailed diagrams

  • Includes lifetime membership and updates

  • 150 videos from the master craftsman

  • DWG and CAD viewer for editing plans

  • Widest collection of projects

  • Money-back guarantee

  • Great value for money

  • Detailed instructions


  • Near-identical plans

  • Contains projects you might not need

  • Long download times

  • Only available online


  • 16,000 Woodworking Plans

The main highlight of Ted’s Woodworking is its extensive collection of woodworking plans. The list of projects covers the easiest to the most complex woodworking crafts for both amateur and professional carpenters. Find the one suited to your skills and preference and move to the next. The PDF file contains everything you need at a reasonable price.

  • DVD Copies

If you find downloads are bothersome, you can ask for a DVD copy from Ted’s Woodworking directly to your address at no extra cost.

  • Woodworking Tutorials

You will also receive a complete 200-page woodworking guide to improve your woodworking techniques. This e-book contains tips and tricks and detailed diagrams and drawings – no fluff, just pure woodworking fundamentals.

  • DWG/CAD Viewer

Another bonus is the DWG/CAD plan viewer, generally priced at $47, but yours for free if you purchase Ted’s Woodworking plans.

  • Premium Videos

Aside from that, you will have lifetime access to 150 video tutorials hosted by veteran woodworkers. These woodworking videos contain detailed steps to enhance your skills.

  • How to Start a Woodworking Business

The “How to Start a Woodworking Business” guide is for those who plan to make woodworking a source of income. The book teaches you how to market your business, bookkeep, learn necessary tax and licensing matters, and work with your suppliers and competitors.

How Does Ted’s Woodworking Work?

Ted’s Woodworking is a downloadable collection of woodworking instructions in PDF format. Then, you can enter your payment details in their secure checkout form via ClickBank. The site will ask for your email address, card name, number, expiry date, and other billing information.

Once you complete your purchase, open your email for your login information. If you cannot locate your welcome email, check your spam folder. You will need your membership to access the soft copies of your package. Also, check your email every so often for fresh updates on guides.

If you want to send Ted’s Woodworking as a gift, send a customer support ticket upon purchase. Do not forget to indicate the recipient’s address, especially when opting for a DVD format.

We will explain how each component of the main product works in the following points:

  • Time and Difficulty

Before working, check out each project’s time and difficulty level suited for your skill level. This part is essential in assessing which project would most likely fit your expertise and availability.

  • List of Materials

You will see a dedicated page for a material list, also called a cutting list, as a part of the guide. The page will list the type of wood needed, part name, dimensions, and other additional notes. Having a complete list of required parts will save you from wrong quantities, unnecessary tools or materials, and trips from the store.

  • Step-by-Step Instructions

Next is an instruction sheet, complete with clear instructions and a step-by-step guide. They will guide you from start to finish, preventing you from guessing your next step. Ted laid out all the words and instructions on layman’s terms to avoid confusion from newbie crafters. This part comes with high-quality illustrations with detailed cuts and measurements even an amateur woodworker can complete with ease.

  • Schematics

The PDF file contains straightforward exploded diagrams. Schematics will help you understand how to assemble those parts. Ted’s Woodworking presented it in 3D and from all angles to ensure that complicated projects can still be a walk in the park for you.

  • Pictures and Videos

Ted’s Woodworking provides authentic, high-res images for visual learners. Some projects contain premium woodworking videos, so it feels like a master artisan is on your side. You will not be confused about your project as images show every corner and joint of the furniture. honest customer opinion

Who Is Ted’s Woodworking Suitable For?

  • Beginner Craftsmen

You do not need advanced carpentry knowledge to buy Ted’s Woodworking guide. All the materials and measurements you need are inside the PDF file. Also, every project indicates its difficulty and complexity level.

  • Budget Savvy Homeowners

Thrifty folks know that store-bought furniture often has an overhead price to cover extra costs, say, electricity, manpower, and rent expenses. Moreover, practical individuals raise their eyebrows at expensive home add-ons. Before buying furniture, they assess if the price justifies the quality of materials used. Also, with DIY furniture, you can adjust the measurements so that the size is just right.

DIY furniture removes doubts in their minds because they know how much everything is. Buying materials and building them yourself is cheaper than buying ready-made products in department stores. Further, you have control over what kind of wood you will be working with and whether you will go with a more durable but expensive material or vice-versa.

  • Seasonal Woodworkers

Other people consider furniture-making as their hobby, and they do not treat it as their primary goal in life. Instead, people use wood-crafting as an outlet to let off steam and when things get too stressful in their life. We call them casual carpenters; they do woodwork on and off, most likely on weekends or whenever they feel like it. Although, as free-spirited as they can be, they are not know-it-alls. They may find some techniques difficult, or their skills may have become rusty since they have not practiced for a long while. That is where Ted’s Woodworking may help them. Seasoned woodworkers will find the library of 16,000 projects convenient for their pastimes.

  • Professional Carpenters

Crafting is not as easy as it looks. While almost everyone can use a saw, nail, and hammer, it takes skills to calculate exact measurements on parts of a piece. There are also days that even a highly-skillful craftsman loses creativity, having artist’s block in the process. Ted’s Woodworking can help them during those tough times. If they are stuck on a project, they may check on a specific plan, carefully categorized in Ted’s Woodworking’s massive database. The package contains a DWG/CAD plan viewer that helps them create, alter, and change their woodworking project. This software is perfect for advanced-level carpenters.

  • DIY Enthusiasts

Woodworking is a highly fulfilling job. Whenever you finish a project, it never fails to bring a feeling of satisfaction that you will not receive simply from buying store-bought items. Some people enjoy DIY and treat it as a form of hobby.

Benefits of Buying Ted’s Woodworking Guide

  • Widest Selection of Plans

For only $67, you can access the most extensive collection of woodwork plans available. You will never run out of inspiration or something to do while you are not busy. Choose from furniture like stools, beds, dressers, benches, and coffee tables. Similarly, Ted’s Woodworking has outdoor woodworking plans such as a fence, mailbox, wishing well, planters, garage items, signages, bird feeders, farm woodworks, and more. Indeed, you will not regret purchasing Teds Woodworking plans. You will learn invaluable life skills, but you will also have fun during the process.

  • Detailed Instructions

Many of us had gone on a whim and wanted to create furniture due to a burst of inspiration. You spent plenty of bucks on projects and abandoned them midway because the instructions were confusing. Do not worry; we have all been there before. That is why Ted’s Woodworking is a breath of fresh air. It contains simple directions cover-to-cover, keeping people with short attention motivated throughout the project. Ted laid out all the woodwork while thinking that not all readers are well-versed in carpentry and wood crafting. He made every word as understandable as possible so everyone could enjoy each page and project contents.

  • Lifetime Subscription

Ted’s Woodworking is a one-time purchase with no monthly fees, no recurring bills, and no expiry dates. Moreover, you will receive five new woodworking plans through email every month.

  • Smooth Refund Process

Ted’s Woodworking offers a full 60 days money-back guarantee. If, for instance, you do not like a plan, a single detail in the guide, or even how it was presented, the company will wholeheartedly return your money. They will process your refund in one to two days, no questions asked.

  • Free Guides and Articles

If you feel like all these benefits are not enticing enough, you can have the privilege to have a sneak peek of the whole guide. Provide your email, and Ted’s Woodworking will send you 50 free plans for preview. On top of that, browsing through their Articles tab will lead you to free tips and tricks for new woodworkers.

Downsides of Using Ted’s Woodworking

We always advise woodworkers to observe safety practices when working on their projects. Another downside of using Ted’s Woodworking is the uncertainty of busy individuals when working on a plan. Some people might neglect their ongoing woodwork due to a sudden commitment, rendering the program useless.

They must always check the description of every project they plan. Then, we recommend setting schedules in advance to prevent overlapping duties both inside and outside woodworking.

Who Should Refrain From Ted’s Woodworking?

  • Persons With Health Issues

Most carpenters obtain occupational asthma. While it is preventable by wearing protective equipment, we recommend asthmatics to stay away from woodworks as it may worsen their condition. Woodworking is also a cause of contact dermatitis. Long-term exposure to irritants or chemicals can increase the rate of skin damage. Further, woodworking is a physically demanding job, and older people should refrain from woodworking, especially those who have limited movement.

  • Disinterested Individuals

You should not avail of Ted’s Woodworking if you have little interest in carpentry. However, we emphasize this point because some people force others to do a hobby they do not like. Since there is a gifting option available for Ted’s Woodworking, there is a chance that unknowingly, customers will give their friends a woodworking guide. Some contented consumers find store-bought furniture acceptable, and they might have found reputable furniture shops that create tremendous value for their money. Always consider that not all people find woodworking fun and worth their time. It will help if you ask your friend firsthand if they like woodworking before gifting them.

  • Time-Constrained Workers

Folks who are busy with their other tasks may also refrain from buying Ted’s Woodworking. Although we mentioned that seasonal woodworkers and people with short attention spans could benefit from it, there will always be a fraction of the population who find woodworking impossible with their schedules. 

  • Persons With Low Spatial Abilities

This group of people may come under health issues, but low spatial awareness can also be a disability. Woodworking requires skills such as arithmetic and geometry. Although visually-impaired people can still practice woodworking through passion, patience, and perseverance, they are most likely to struggle. If they like to pursue woodworking, we cannot stop them from doing so. We encourage people with spatial difficulties to ask assistance from a family member for an enjoyable experience. When done right, woodworking can be a way to help them improve their spatial awareness deficiency.

  • People Who Live In Extreme Climates

Wood shrinks in the cold and expands in the heat. Temperature does not directly affect wood size, but humidity does. When cutting in the winter, allow extra space for expansion. We recommend working in an insulated room as liquid adhesive freezes in the cold, rendering it useless. Also, cordless power tools utilize batteries and may not charge in the cold. If you are physically unable to keep a studio in favorable conditions, we advise refraining from woodworking.

  • People Who Live in A Communal or Limited Space

While we commend people who take up woodworking as a hobby, you should also be aware of those around you. It is hard to take up woodworking if you live in a communal space and do not have a basement or garage where you can do your projects. While doing woodwork in your yard is acceptable, you must consider the people around you. Woodworking can create a lot of noise, and it can be disruptive; that is why a garage or basement would be ideal.

Tips to Start

  • Assess the Content

Before purchasing Ted’s Woodworking, check their contents by asking for a free 50-plan preview. Provide your email, and they will send you a sample. Click that Add to Cart button when you are satisfied.

  • Learn Basic Skills

Before starting, learn how to read tape measurements as some dimensions are not precisely 2 ½ inches. Sometimes, wood is measured as 2 5/12 or 2 8/9 inches. Learning how to read measurements properly will save you from failed projects. Also, please familiarize yourself with the types of wood and each of their cuts. You will encounter terms such as 1×12 or 2×2 lumber, and sometimes, these names are not exactly how they measure. Wood shrinks while drying, so their names are not their actual measurements.

  • Start Small

Start from the most straightforward project. Then, examine the tools and determine whether it is suitable for a beginner like you or not. Do not forget the materials, too – scan if they are available in your nearest store. Try to work with pine; it is a cheap, easiest softwood. Plus, it is readily available in almost all stores. Start with making boxes, but use oak or maple if you prefer making small toys. Pine will splinter if you use it on small crafts and toys.

  • Set Up Your Working Space

You do not need fancy workshops when starting as a woodworker. Whenever a project calls for cutting large pieces of lumber or painting doors, have a pair of sawhorses and a table saw handy. These essential tools make cutting more accurate. Make sure that you can move comfortably without bumping into other objects.

  • Work Your Way Slowly

After your first project, look for the next one that requires almost the same tools as before, and it will save you from additional costs. Do not assume that great crafters are born overnight. Unless you are a highly-talented artisan, keep practicing, and do not lose patience. Some have been doing woodwork for years but still return to their first project to review their mistakes. Work with beginner-friendly plans until you feel that you are doing better with your woodwork. Then, gradually progress with more complex projects.

  • Protect Yourself

Wood finish is a crucial part of furniture making. Crafters usually spray or paint lacquer as the last step to improve the color and texture of the wood. Further, varnish protects the wood from excessive dirt and moisture. Frequently, woodworkers wear protective equipment such as gloves and masks or respirators to protect themselves from harmful dust and fumes. If they do not wear the proper gear in their workshops, they may risk respiratory and skin diseases. Always wear the right attire and protective equipment when doing woodwork.

  • Keep an Open Mind

If you have friends or colleagues who pointed out your mistakes, acknowledge them. Keep everything you learn in mind and move on with your project. Eventually, you will see all your finished projects and improve, and maybe one day, you will make your plans yourself. Never stop searching for knowledge, especially if it is helpful for your current project. Soon, you will be astonished at how quickly you pick up essential skills like which wood is best for a particular project, which tools you may or may not require, and so on.

Where to Get Ted’s Woodworking and Guarantees?

Thousands of customers have already signed up for the Ted’s Woodworking program. Ted’s Woodworking guide is available on their official site. Stay away from fake sites as they will either steal your credit card information or charge you more than you purchase. Scroll down until you see a Click To Find Out More button. Then, scroll down until you find a prominent Add To Cart button. Ted’s Woodworking program only accepts online payments via Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Paypal. We are sorry to inform you that they do not accept checks and payments via telephone if you are looking for other payment options.

Enter your customer and billing information on ClickBank’s secure form. ClickBank is a trusted payment processing solution that uses the most advanced 128-bit SSL encryption. So, your statement will show ClickBank as the biller, not Ted McGrath or Ted’s Woodworking.

A limited $20 voucher might also pop up for lucky customers. Grab this chance as it only shows occasionally. A 100% money-back is Ted’s personal promise to his customers. He even said that guarantee is an overused seller’s term. So, you can try his risk-free program without worries. If you are not satisfied, he will refund your payment, and you will get to keep your copy of the PDF. That’s how sure he is with the product.

After-sales experience is excellent, too. Signing up for the program entitles you to a lifetime membership. Whenever you feel stuck on a project, ask for support through email or forum, and your fellow members or even Ted will gladly help you. Moreover, if your PC crashes and you lose all your files, ask customer support, and you may retrieve your files.

Ted's Woodworking

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Conclusion: Watch Woodworking Videos For Instant DIY Projects

Ted’s Woodworking is a great way to learn how to build furniture. It can help you save plenty of dollars from store-bought furnishings, but it also brings you the fulfillment of getting a job done.

The book contains 16,000 easy-to-follow plans that even newbies will break no sweat in reading. You will also get a DWG/CAD plan viewer, 150 premium videos, a How to Start your own Woodworking Business guide, and a lifetime subscription to project guides.

Our Ted’s Woodworking guarantees that the program is a sweet deal to both beginner wood crafters and professional carpenters.