For quite some time now, Suzanne Somers has been known for sharing her workout routines and tips for a healthy lifestyle with women — but now the businesswoman is revealing that idea for her brand, Suzanne Organics, was kicked-off after going through breast cancer in 2000.

“I would say one of the greatest gifts I had was getting cancer twenty years ago,” the 72-year-old told People. “And you don’t think that the day you hear the words: ‘You have cancer,’ but, it was my wake up call. What am I doing? What am I eating? What’s my lifestyle? What products am I using?” It was at that moment that the actress decided to make some major changes in her life, including eliminating toxic chemicals from her home, and not going through chemotherapy.

“I just thought, I’m going to win this my way, I’m going to change my life. I’m going to eat until my life defends upon it,” she recalled. “And I’m going to eliminate as many chemicals from my life, my lifestyle and diet, as I can possibly consume. So that’s what I’ve done. There’s not one chemical in our house and you can feel it when you walk in.” These shifts in living ultimately led the Step By Step to also develop organic, toxic-free skin and body products.

“I saw this need and I’m filling the need,” Suzanne said. “We want something free and pure.”

This isn’t the first time that Suzanne has opened up about her cancer — she once revealed how she moved forward with her recovery after beating the disease. “Do you know what’s interesting about this?” Suzanne asked Us Weekly at the Carousel of Hope Ball in Beverly Hills. “This is a regrown breast. This is really mine. I went 11 years without a breast on this side.”

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“Doctors] took fat from my stomach, spun out the stem cells, discarded the weak ones, took the strong ones, injected them into this breast with, like, a turkey baster, and for a year I felt, like, electrical zippers growing the blood vessels,” she continued. “[Since 2012], I have two breasts again that are mine. No implants, no foreign objects in my body.”

The Three’s Company alum also touched on her clean way of living again. “I eat buttercream, sour cream, cream cheese, all organic, no hormones. I sleep eight hours a night and I don’t take any drugs. I am in optimal life. I don’t even worry about cancer. It’s never coming back,” Suzanne said. So great!

We are so happy to see that Suzanne is living the best life can she live!