She’s been in the spotlight for years, so fans have always noticed Suzanne Somers‘ changing looks. The 71-year-old actress has appeared on Three’s Company, Step by Step, and more — and now that her Hollywood career has slowed down and she makes few public appearances here and there, many have been wondering if she’s gotten plastic surgery.

That said, Closer Weekly chatted with experts who have not worked with Suzanne to see what procedures they think she may have gotten done. Scroll down to see what the plastic surgeons revealed!

suzanne somers getty images

Suzanne in 2000 (left) and 2017 (right).

“[She’s] likely had Botox to the forehead, filler to cheekbones, and nasolabial folds,” Dr. Vartan Mardirossian said. “[She has] good skin care or even skin resurfacing since I do not see any pigment irregularities on her face, neck, or decollete.” He added, “On the surgical side, it looks to me that she likely had a rhinoplasty with reduction of a dorsal hump, resulting in a nice scoop of the nose.”

Dr. Andrew Miller thinks Suzanne is aging amazingly! “She is looking pretty darn good for her age. There isn’t a lot of obvious work, so anything done has been very natural. Most likely she has some Botox on the forehead and fillers in the cheeks,” he said. “She may have possibly had a mini facelift to maintain a smooth jawline at her age, and it was done well — unless the ThighMaster helps that area as well.”

Dr. Adam Hamawy thinks Suzanne has gotten a little help from fillers as well. “Suzanne has tried to remain ageless with bio-identical hormone replacement and a healthy lifestyle but lately, she appears like she’s also had the help of fillers…. maybe too much filler,” he shared. “The volume points to probably having fat transfer to her face, especially in her cheeks and lips.”

Though Suzanne — who is a breast cancer survivor — has never opened up about her plastic surgery, she did gush about growing older in a previous exclusive interview with Closer. “I want to epitomize what the new 70 looks and feels like — it’s sexy!” she shared. “At 70, you still have your ‘juice,’ and you also have confidence.” She added, “I want to be working in Vegas when I’m 80 — no kidding!” You go, Suzanne!