Since she beat breast cancer back in the early 2000s, Suzanne Somers hasn’t been afraid to speak out about her alternative (and sometimes controversial) approach to cancer treatments. And, in a new interview with Us Weekly, the 71-year-old actress candidly opened up about what might be her most unique post-cancer health decision yet — having a “regrown breast.”

When Suzanne was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer in April 2000, she chose to undergo a lumpectomy and radiation but refused chemotherapy. Later, when she wanted a breast reconstruction, the Three’s Company star opted to regenerate breast tissue using stem cell growth — the procedure is known as cell-assisted lipotransfer — instead of getting an implant. 

“Do you know what’s interesting about this?” Suzanne asked Us Weekly at the Carousel of Hope Ball in Beverly Hills, CA on Saturday, Oct. 6. “This is a regrown breast. This is really mine. I went 11 years without a breast on this side.”

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“[Doctors] took fat from my stomach, spun out the stem cells, discarded the weak ones, took the strong ones, injected them into this breast with, like, a turkey baster, and for a year I felt, like, electrical zippers growing the blood vessels,” she continued. 

“[Since 2012], I have two breasts again that are mine. No implants, no foreign objects in my body,” Suzanne said before adding that she’s been so happy with the results that she once couldn’t stop showing off her new breast. “The first two weeks after I had it done, I was showing everybody. I’d whip it out — ‘cause I was so used to not having it. And then after two weeks, my husband [Alan Hamel] said to me, ‘You gotta stop showing people your breast!'”

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Though Suzanne’s promotion of alternative cancer treatments has been criticized by the American Cancer Society in the past, the actress confessed her breast cancer diagnosis and the treatment she chose drastically changed her life for the better. “I have a new standard of care. I didn’t want chemical poison, I changed my diet, I eat real food, organic food only — if you can pick it, pluck it, milk it or shoot it,” she said. 

“I eat buttercream, sour cream, cream cheese, all organic, no hormones. I sleep eight hours a night and I don’t take any drugs. I am in optimal life. I don’t even worry about cancer. It’s never coming back,” Suzanne added.