Woah!‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Just Officially Set up Jerrika Hinton’s Departure From the Medical Drama — and It’s So Juicy!

Don’t go, Stephanie Edwards!

Shonda Rhimes is beginning to confirm rumors that Jerrika Hinton is leaving Grey’s Anatomy after Season 13. In February 2017, it was reported that the 35-year-old is planning to exit the show — she has been on it since 2012 — shortly after she was cast in an upcoming Alan Ball HBO drama.

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jerrika hinton 'grey's anatomy' getty images

Jerrika on Grey’s Anatomy.

Although the popular medical drama has been hinting at Jerrika leaving, it wasn’t until last night’s episode that they really set the wheels in motion for her departure. During the show on Thursday, May 4, it was yet again proven that she may not be able to emotionally cope with the pressures of being a surgeon (fans can’t forget about her first solo surgery that resulted in a child’s death and her breakdown).

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In the recent episode, a young boy traveled to the hospital without his parents seeking help for his brain tumor. It just so happened the parents had religious beliefs that caused them to not want their son to have surgery, something Dr. Edwards wasn’t happy about. She and Alex Karev (played by Justin Chambers) ended up performing surgery without the parents’ consent, which obviously led the father to become very angry.

As Edwards prepared the child’s discharge papers, she and the boy’s father had a heated argument. She then completely lost it on him, and ended up throwing a tablet directly at his head!

jerrika hinton 'grey's anatomy' getty images

Jerrika fighting with the boy’s dad.

At the end of the episode, Edwards tells Dr. Ben Warren that she needs to undergo mandatory counseling before going back in the OR. “My privileges got revoked. I have to go to counseling. Have fun raising your game. You’ll actually have a shot at beating mine now,” she said.

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And by the looks of the promo for next week’s episode, Dr. Edwards is definitely on her way out (potentially in a body bag)!

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