Cher can turn back time! The 77-year-old recently shared her secrets to staying youthful. “I just can’t believe I will be 80 at some point, sooner than I wish,” the Oscar winner told a British chat show. “And I will still be wearing my jeans and I will still be wearing long hair, and I will still be doing the same stuff I’ve always done.” 

While the Moonstruck actress credits her family’s “amazing” genes for her vitality, Cher also focuses on keeping current. “I don’t know if not feeling old makes you younger,” she mused. “I keep up with the trends. I have lots of young friends. I have old friends too. Honestly, I’m not trying to feel young. I’m not trying to be young. I am who I am. I’m just getting along.”

And then some. An insider tells Closer the singer makes a point of staying creative in order to keep her mind sharp and treats her body with respect. “She does some form of exercise every day,” adds the insider. “You could bounce a quarter off her abs, they’re that tight.” No wonder her old jeans still fit!