Even though she was diagnosed with MSSelma Blair is making sure that that doesn’t get in the way of what she truly wants to do — like hopping onto a horse again.

On Thursday, July 18, the 47-year-old took to Instagram to share a photo of herself kissing her horse, Skytop. “After I gave birth and felt half dead all the time, after the rage and the tears, after my heart exploded with caring and understanding, before any diagnosis, I searched for this horse. I knew the only place I was really growing with self love was at @cellardoorequestrian,” the actress captioned the beautiful snap.

She continued, “My trainer found me #skytop. He needed to be able to handle kisses. Prerequisite. Truly. And he did. #mrnibbles. We only had a short time before I couldn’t even get to him or stay on. But he has come so far. And even though I may seem like I have gone farther away, I am learning and getting healthier. Even as I get seemingly sicker. I will jump this horse around again.”


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“Affording horseshows will require some major work opportunities ahead. So I am asking for it all. I am asking. For all of us who want it. Ask. Ask. Listen. I have the unicorn. Now I have to be able to find him again. #tbt. #loveheals,” the Cruel Intentions star added. People were nothing but supportive in the comments section, as they quickly responded with positivity.

“You are such an inspiration, every day. Bless you! All good healing vibes of the universe may come your way,” one fan gushed. Another added, “Continue to believe, mind over matter. Strongly believe you will do all this again.”

This isn’t the first time that Selma — who revealed her diagnoses in October 2018 — has revealed a big dream that she has. Just recently, the Hellboy costar said that she has another goal she hopes to reach in the near future. “My dream is to jump in the ocean again with this one. #healing. #thankyou,” she said in the post featuring her and her child in a bubble bath together. “Signing off. Going to sleep. We all walk the miles somehow. Together. Many the miles. Xxx bless them.”

This is the same woman that was already on the red carpet just a few months after revealing she has MS, so we know that Selma will be making all of her dreams a reality soon!