Ever since Selma Blair revealed to the world that she was diagnosed with MS, she has been quite open about it, proving that she won’t be letting the disease stop her from doing things — especially achieving a goal with her son Arthur.

The 47-year-old took to Instagram on Tuesday, July 16, to share a personal tidbit about something she wants to do. “A throwback. We always make our day work,” the actress wrote alongside a photo of her and her boy, 7, in a bubble bath together. “My dream is to jump in the ocean again with this one. #healing. #thankyou. Signing off. Going to sleep. We all walk the miles somehow. Together. Many the miles. Xxx bless them.”

Take a look at the sweet post below!

Fans of course responded with nothing but kind words in the comments section. “You’re so brave and bold for showing your vulnerability. Keep it up what a testament you are to your son, your strength amongst tougher times inspires us all,” one person said. Another added, “These days we let our children grow up too quickly and out of our arms. Simple moments like this are wonderful.”

The Cruel Intentions star has made it very clear that she won’t be letting her battle with MS get in the way of her raising her son — she is clearly all about him. “This journey is a realization about the breaths around me. More than even my own. I need you. I need this boy to see me do things I never thought I could,” Selma said on an Instagram post on July 14. “And I will do my best. It really is gratitude.”

In October, 2018, the Hellboy costar shared her condition with the world, later telling Good Morning America that she had to tell Arthur she wasn’t dying. “I always want him to feel safe, never responsible for me, but he had already seen that I was falling and doing [different] things, and I was always laughing,” she told Robin Roberts.

We are still impressed by how strong Selma has been through all of this — so incredible!