All parents face the reality of their kids growing up in a flash, and Selma Blair is trying her best to deal with that as her son, Arthur, starts the second grade.

“I’ve devoted so much to overcompensating for whatever deficiencies I felt I had as a parent,” the actress, 47, told Us Weekly at the H&M x Sesame Street Partnership Celebration on Saturday, September 28. “I always so overcompensated and gave him so much love and attention, and so did his dad [Jason Bleick] because we both gave him our full attention in separate houses. So to go to school it’s like, ‘Wait, I’m not the main guy?’ So it’s a hard adjustment!”

“He was having so much fun at home where other kids might look to school as their time to have fun, but Arthur’s was at home. It’s a good transition, though,” the Cruel Intentions star continued. “He’s doing well. I’m so proud of him.” While it has been tough for Selma, at least the Hollywood star can feel good knowing her little one is all about learning.

“He is writing in school, and he’s a huge reader,” Selma told to the outlet. The Legally Blonde costar — who in 2018 revealed that she was battling multiple sclerosis — has always been quite open about how close she is with her only child. In fact, she even mentioned that as much as she doesn’t like seeing him grow up, she has accepted it.

“As a mom, whether strong or not so strong, I hope I can be with this child as he needs me or wants me,” Selma wrote on an Instagram post on August 28. “This is the best it gets for me. I don’t begrudge him going off to school and growing up. I welcome the days as we are here now. The days seem in the correct order of things.”

Selma Blair

“Right now, I save the light I have to laugh with this one. To feel the whole day and night,” she continued. “But when I recover, when the bone marrow makes the amount this body needs when I rebalance my body and Re learn, I will be more present with all those I cherish.”

Even though Arthur may not be as home as much now with school, we know that the bond he has formed with his mother won’t be going away anytime soon.