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The Weird Reason Savannah Guthrie’s 3-Year-Old Daughter Has an English Accent

It sounds like adorable three-year-old Vale Feldman may prefer a spot o’ tea over a juice box! Mama Savannah Guthrie revealed that even though the little girl’s parents speak perfect American English, Vale has developed an English accent, and the reason why is too funny.

While describing how she and her husband, Mike Feldman, manage to take their kids on road trips, Savannah told People that “for [10-month-old] Charley, we coordinate time of departure around his nap, and Vale watches Peppa Pig on repeat. Of course she speaks with an English accent now.” If you aren’t familiar, Peppa Pig is a British Nickelodeon show featuring an illustrated pig and her animal friends, all of whom have English accents. How hilarious is that?

An English accent is surprisingly fitting for the little girl, who actually has an English name! “Vale is an old English word. it means ‘valley by a stream,'” explained Savannah’s Today show co-host Matt Lauer after Vale was born. “They named her that because she was so calm and serene… until 10 o’ clock last night!” he joked. “I actually talked to Savannah and Mike on the phone last night and the baby was fussing a little and she’s like ‘she was so peaceful!'” It sounds like Vale has been this spunky since day one!

Savannah revealed that Vale can do more than just speak in a perfect British accent. She also has some awesome singing and dancing skills! “Current hits in rotation are ‘Despacito’ followed by Dolly Parton‘s ‘Jolene,’” said Savannah. “You would be astonished at how many of the words Vale knows! You haven’t lived until you’ve heard a three-year-old sing, ‘Please don’t take my man!’” It sounds like the cutie is the boss of the house, and though Savannah’s hubby Mike may control the radio when they’re traveling, Vale is the real mastermind. “Michael is the DJ,” she said. “He spins the hits. I have a playlist on my phone called ‘Vale Mix.'” We absolutely love this cutie little family and can’t wait to watch Vale and Charley grow!

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