Done! Sailor Brinkley Cook is not having it. After she and her mom, Christie Brinkley, received criticism for wearing masks amid the coronavirus outbreak, the model decided to defend herself on Instagram. In a statement she released, Sailor, 21, said she wasn’t taking anything away from the hospitals that were running out of supplies. In fact, she and her family have been donating to organizations to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

“To everyone reaching out (very angrily) about me having a mask. My mom is an artist and does projects that require her to wear a mask so she had a stash of them in her art studio,” the Dancing with the Stars alum said on her Instagram Stories on Tuesday, April 1. “We didn’t buy [them] upon hearing about the spread of COVID-19. She kept a mask for each one of our family members and then donated the rest to local hospitals.”

Sailor Brinkley Cook statement

Sailor added that her mom has been doing everything she can to help fight the virus. “She’s been continuing to work to find supplies to help keep hospital workers safe as well. And is also donating 30 percent of @bellissimaprosecco proceeds to protective equipment,” the blonde beauty said. “I have one mask. My boyfriend has one mask. And we are VERY grateful to have one and are donating daily to organizations helping to create masks.”

The last thing Sailor wants is for someone to catch coronavirus. That’s why she and her family members have been covering their faces while they’re out and about. “When we go to the grocery store or out on a walk we wear them,” she explained about them using masks. “God forbid if we might have [coronavirus] and don’t know. We don’t [want to] spread it to someone less able to fight it off. Please stop sending me hateful messages, and stay safe.”

Sailor Brinkley Cook

We hope Sailor haters are hearing everything she has to say.

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