Longtime comedian Ruth Buzzi’s husband, Kent Perkins, has been her biggest support system through her ongoing health battle. The couple wed in 1978 and have remained inseparable ever since. Keep scrolling to learn more about her spouse. 

Who Is Ruth Buzzi’s Husband, Kent Perkins?

The Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In sensation walked down the aisle with Kent after kickstarting her comedy career. While she was married once before to Basil Keko, not many details are known about their private relationship, per IMDb

Kent is an actor, with 21 credits in various television series and films beginning in the mid-’70s. In addition to starring in The Nashville Palace, Wishful Thinking and One Month Out, Kent also earned credits as a writer in 1992’s To Protect and Serve and a producer in 1981’s The Being

Ruth Buzzi Husband Kent Perkins: Job, Marriage Details
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Along with their similar career paths, Ruth and Kent also have another thing in common. The pair are both animal lovers and pledged their support for the Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch for many years. Decades after both Ruth and her hubby found their footing in Hollywood, they decided to make one huge life change — moving to a ranch in Texas. 

“Instead of listening to managers and agents, I get to hear cows mooing, roosters crowing and the pitter-patter of little duck feet down by our beautiful lake here at the ranch,” Ruth told Closer in March 2015. “By the way, raising ducks isn’t necessarily what it’s quacked up to be!”

At the time, the funnywoman also revealed the secret to her lasting marriage to the Ohara alum.

“Separate houses! No joke, we’ve almost always had his-and-hers houses, but we always stayed together in one or the other,” she said. “It worked out great, and we seldom felt we had to go anywhere for a vacation because when we got bored at one house, we flipped over to the other one.”

What Happened to Ruth Buzzi?

On July 19, 2022, Kent wrote a heartfelt post on his wife’s Facebook page to share an update on her health with her fans. 

“She wants you to know she is not in pain and is aware you are sending your best wishes her way as she battles the results of devastating strokes that have left her bedridden and incapacitated,” he wrote. “She can still speak and understand, she still recognizes all her friends and loved ones. I am reading to her your wonderful comments, and she smiles.”  

The statement continued, “I might add that I am living with an attitude of gratitude for 43 years of marriage to my best friend, the greatest person I ever met, the one and only Ruth Buzzi. Her love for others knows no bounds, and she has spent a lifetime making people smile.” 

Kent finished off the post by sharing that his wife was facing the situation “bravely” and “still with humor.” One week later, he posted another photo on Ruth’s Facebook account to celebrate her 86th birthday. 

“We retired 12 years ago, moved to Texas, built a house together — and we really have lived happily ever after,” the actor wrote.