Though Prince George and Princess Charlotte have shown great maturity, they're still young kids. As such, it'd be safe to assume that Prince William and Kate Middleton keep them close at every event they attend, right? Actually, it seems George and Charlotte are relegated to the kids' table at royal functions because sitting with their parents would break royal protocol.

George and Charlotte (and Prince Louis, when he's old enough to attend royal events) must sit with the other children at royal dinners because they have not yet learned the "art of polite conversation," according to Harper's Bazaar. Though Charlotte's descriptions of her day at nursery school or what happens in her favorite episode of Peppa Pig are hardly controversial, it's still not considered proper dinner conversation. (That said, we'd still love to hear about them!)

Fortunately, George and Charlotte seem to get along marvelously, so we're sure they don't mind spending dinner in each other's company. Plus, they have plenty of cute royal cousins to chat with.

And Kate and William sit with their kids for casual suppers. The Duchess loves making home-cooked vegetable curry dishes for her family, although William says he doesn't feel as natural in the kitchen as his wife. Sometimes, the royal family will make a pizza together, which the kids are particularly fond of. "They love it because they can get their hands dirty," Kate once revealed. Even if George and Charlotte would much prefer sitting with their parents, we wouldn't mind an invite to the royal childrens' table.

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This post originally appeared on our sister site, Woman's World.