Talk about an epic Christmas gift! Rosie O’Donnell just announced that she is officially a first-time grandmother. The comedian took to Twitter on Wednesday, Dec. 19 to reveal the exciting news. “My daughter [Chelsea] — Jake — and Skylar Rose. My first grandchild! #Love #Life #NANA,” Rosie captioned a photo of her daughter Chelsea, her boyfriend, Jake, and their newborn baby girl.

Chelsea’s boyfriend, Jacob Bourassa, previously confirmed they were expecting after he shared photos of Chelsea with a baby bump and sonogram images on Facebook. “Loves of my life, can’t wait to meet my little one,” he wrote in the pics’ captions. See the sweet photo of Rosie’s first grandchild below!

It’s been a difficult road for Rosie, 56, and Chelsea, 21, in the past. After having an estranged relationship with her daughter, the former TV host recently revealed that the two have salvaged their relationship. “We have reconnected,” Rosie told People in June after confirming her daughter’s pregnancy.

Tensions began mounting with Rosie and her daughter when Chelsea ran away from home at age 17. Although she was found unharmed a week later, Chelsea claimed that she was kicked out of her mother’s house. Whether or not her claims were true, it took a toll on their mother-daughter relationship.

In an interview with Inside Edition last year, the new mom opened up about her then-relationship with Rosie. “Growing up, I never really got along with her and then once she kicked me out, I was just kind of done,” Chelsea admitted. Chelsea’s pregnancy with her new boyfriend, Jake, came as a surprise to many considering she claimed to be expecting her first child last September with her ex-husband, Nick Alliegro. The former couple has since split up and Chelsea did not welcome a baby with him. 

Following her first pregnancy announcement in September 2017, Chelsea admitted to the Daily Mail that she didn’t have a place for Rosie as a grandmother. “Rosie will not be in my child’s life,” she said of the child she claimed to be expecting with Nick. “And no, I do not feel sad about that, to be honest.”

Apparently, Chelsea doesn’t feel that way any more considering Rosie is sharing photos of her new granddaughter on social media. We’re so glad that the mother-daughter duo was able to put their differences aside now that Skylar Rose has arrived!