In the wake of her recent split from second wife Michelle Rounds, Rosie O’Donnell is sadly now dealing with even more family drama.

The biological mother of the star’s 17-year-old adopted daughter, Chelsea, has come forward with new accusations that she was forced to give up her daughter to Rosie, 53, because she was a drug addict.

“I believe Rosie O’Donnell knew that I was in no condition to sign away my parental rights to my daughter!” Deanna Micoley, 37, said. “She did the worst thing one woman can do to another woman — take her child!”

deanna micoley

Chelsea’s biological mother, Deanna Micoley.

Micoley explained she was just 20-years-old when she gave birth to a daughter she named Kayla in August 1997. Two months later, the young mom was allegedly coerced into placing the baby up for adoption by her now ex-husband.

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“I may not have been the best mother back then. I did drugs and I have a criminal record because of it,” she said. “But I surely didn’t deserve to have my baby stolen from me!”

Rosie and her then-wife, Kelli Carpenter — whom she married in 2004 before divorcing in 2007 — adopted Chelsea. They also adopted a son, Blake, and welcomed a daughter, Vivienne, through artificial insemination.

rosie o'donnell kids

Back Row: Parker, Dakota, Rosie and Chelsea. Front Row: Vivienne and Blake.

In her revealing new interview, Micoley noted she did not know the former ‘The View’ co-host — who also has two other adopted children, son Parker and daughter Dakota — had adopted her daughter until Chelsea allegedly contacted her biological maternal grandfather.

“Chelsea told him that she was his granddaughter. He called me and broke the news. It was the moment I’d been waiting and praying for the last 17 years — I’d found my precious daughter!” she shared.

Since then, Micoley alleges she and Chelsea have continued to communicate via Facebook.

“Rosie O’Donnell stole my baby, but I don’t want her money. I just want my daughter back!” she told ‘The National Inquirer.’