She’s already a mom to five kids, but is Rosie O’Donnell ready to expand her family again with her new fiancée, Elizabeth Rooney? In an exclusive new interview with Closer Weekly, Rosie, 56, candidly opened up about possibly having more children with Elizabeth, 33, in the future.

“Well, I think I’m done, but you never know with me. There could be a phone call like what happened with [my adopted daughter] Dakota, and you know, here we go. So I don’t know,” Rosie told Closer at the Rosie’s Theater Kids’ 15th Anniversary Fall Gala in NYC on Monday, Oct. 22. “I’m 56 years old but another part of me, like my son said — when Dakota first was born, my oldest boy Parker said, ‘You know mommy you’re the happiest when you have a baby around.’ He’s like, ‘I’d like to tell you to stop but you’re the happiest and it’s the truth!'”

Rosie O'Donnell Elizabeth Rooney Kids
Courtesy of Elizabeth Rooney/ Instagram

“Crack is like… for me, babies are crack, like kids call me creeper because I see people with a stroller and I’m like, ‘Can I look at your baby?’ It used to be, ‘Can I hold your baby?’ When I was more famous, they would let me. Now I just have to say, ‘Can I look at your baby?'” the proud mom continued.

The comedian has four children with ex Kelli Carpenter — son Parker O’Donnell, 23, daughter Chelsea O’Donnell, 21, son Blake O’Donnell, 18, and daughter Vivienne O’Donnell, 15 — and one daughter, Dakota O’Donnell, 5, with ex-wife Michelle Rounds, who sadly passed away from suicide in September 2017.

At the Rosie’s Theater Kids’ 15th Anniversary Fall Gala earlier this week, Rosie also confirmed to Closer that she is happily engaged to Elizabeth. When asked about the pair’s 23-year age difference, Rosie replied, “Everything’s sort of — you know, you kind of don’t notice it that way. I thought that I would but I kind of don’t.”

“But she knows every word and every joke to The Golden Girls. Now, I remember The Golden Girls, I was older. It wasn’t like my Mary Tyler Moore [Show]. It’s her Mary Tyler Moore, right. I can name everything of Mary Tyler Moore and every episode and that’s how she is with The Golden Girls. And she has every Golden Girls paraphernalia girl you can buy. She’s the swag queen of Golden Girls,” Rosie added.

Guess we’ll just have to see if Rosie decides to expand her family with Elizabeth — congrats on your engagement, you two!

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