When we highlighted Roseanne Barr’s weight loss a month ago, we thought the comedienne looked incredible after shedding an impressive 35 lbs! Turns out, the 61-year-old wasn’t finished losing weight!

The Roseanne star stepped out looking even skinnier this past Tuesday and the internet couldn’t help but take notice! The actress made sure to tweet her thanks to fans for their encouragement and support.


The incoming Last Comic Standing judge looked classy in black pants and a belted blouse, though she did pick to wear some questionable leopard-print gloves.

We caught up with Roseanne last month to see if a switch in diet and exercise was responsible for the transformation.

“I went to the doctor yesterday and I thought I lost 12 lbs,” shared the mother-of-five in mid-March. “I’d lost 35 lbs and I thought I only lost 12. So that was kind of cool.”

roseanne barr

Barr at one of her heaviest weights in 1997; the actress on April 1st, 2014

But what’s really changed the comedienne’s life is a step counter she sets to 6,500 every day. “I don’t care about anything but getting my steps and fueling myself to get my steps,” said Roseanne. “It’s good. It’s getting me focused.”

She jokingly added, “I want to get a tight core so I can start doing bikini shoots and stuff.”

The comedy queen has been open about the number of plastic-surgery procedures she’s undergone in an effort to control her weight, including a gastric bypass in 1998.

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She told Web MD in a past Q&A, “nips and tucks are ok if people feel they want to do that. It comes from feeling insecure, though…it’s like a walking ad for ‘insecure.'”