ABC News correspondent Rebecca Jarvis loves nothing more than spending time with her family of four. The Good Morning America personality shares two children, Isabel Noemi and Leo, with her husband, Matt Hanson.

Who Is Rebecca Jarvis’ Husband?

Rebecca and Matt’s love story is so sweet! The couple met while they were both students at the University of Chicago. They later worked together at Bank of America before Rebecca kickstarted her reporting career.

“I remember him as this guy’s guy, always hanging out with a large group of friends and making them laugh,” she told The New York Times in January 2012 after their wedding at the McNamara Alumni Center in Minneapolis.

Matt, a finance professional, proposed to Rebecca during a trip to Chicago in December 2010.

“I did not see it coming,” the journalist reflected on the proposal. “It was so cold out, and we were both shivering. When he took off his glove and reached into his pocket to take out the ring, it was difficult to tell if he was shivering from the cold or from nervousness.”

They got married two years later and were eager to start a family together.

How Many Kids Does Rebecca Jarvis Have?

In February 2019, Rebecca and Matt welcomed their first child together, daughter Isabel.

“This is the most magical moment in our lives,” the TV personality told People in March 2019. “Everything people say about becoming a new parent is true. We’re overjoyed — she’s incredible.”

Shortly after the little one’s arrival, Rebecca shared the first photos of Isabel on her Instagram account. “Your daddy and I have never known happiness like this,” the doting mom wrote alongside a picture of her firstborn.

In November 2023, Rebecca and Matt announced on GMA that they had welcomed their baby boy, Leo, via surrogate.

“When I pictured our family, I always thought of my family, the family I grew up with, as one of two kids,” she said during the segment. “My younger sister, Lauren, and I are incredibly close. We’re 18 months apart. And so as I thought about my future, our future, I always envisioned that we would have two. That we’d be a family of four.”

Rebecca Jarvis' daughter walks on sidewalk
Courtesy of Rebecca Jarvis/Instagram

After experiencing infertility, miscarriages and trying IVF, Rebecca and Matt feel “gratitude” toward their surrogate, who helped make their dreams of having another baby come true.

“I just wanted to hug her and give her all of our love that we were also pouring over Leo because there’s no way this would’ve been possible without her,” Rebecca said of their surrogate.

The pair decided to share their story with the world to help others who have experienced infertility.

“We wanted to give other families hope and make other people feel like they’re less alone on this path,” the mom of two explained. “We were hoping that other people going through this would be able to feel a little less alone and that they have the resources to think about their journey forward as well.”