Prince Charles Isn’t Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s Only Child — Meet Their Other Royal Kids!

Let’s be honest. We’re all a little bit obsessed with the British royal family, thanks in no small part to Netflix’s The Crown. Queen Elizabeth, who has reigned over the United Kingdom for more than 65 years, has shown that family is everything. The monarch gave up so much to marry husband Prince Philip in November 1947 and later welcome kids, Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Edward and Prince Andrew, into their lives. Now, we see just how much that love has grown as Elizabeth’s children take on more royal duties during their parents’ time of need.

“It’s nearing the end of the queen’s reign and she’s planning to pass down the crown to Charles sooner rather than later,” a source exclusively told Closer Weekly about the royals. “Charles has already taken on many of her duties, and since marrying Camilla [Parker Bowles], he has become so much more self-assured. Having a strong woman by his side has helped him to become more confident.”

Although it took a while for the queen to love Charles’ second wife, she and duchess Camilla have grown to be very close. In fact, Queen Elizabeth tries to get along with all of her children’s spouses, including Princess Anne’s husband, Timothy Laurence. In December 1992, the pair got married after Anne divorced her first husband, Mark Phillips in that same year.

Although divorce was looked down upon in the royal family, Queen Elizabeth always had her daughter’s back. In fact, Timothy once said he saw a lot of his wife in the queen because they have similar personalities. The Navy officer said Anne and Elizabeth both share the same “humor” and “fun” in ITV’s Anne: The Princess Royal at 70 and honestly, we can see it too.

The two royals were all laughs when they attended the royal ascot in June 2019. Now we see where Anne gets her brilliant smile and her lovely laugh from.

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