After less than six years of marriage, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson announced their separation in 1992, officially divorcing in 1996. But despite the breakup, the mother-of-two still gets to keep her title as the Duchess of York!

Following the split, Sarah, 58, also kept the style Her Royal Highness — though that was short-lived, as just months later, a law regarding royal titles was released, stating that she would no longer hold the title since she and the Duke of York had parted ways. Instead, she would just be known as Sarah, Duchess of York. Unless she ever remarries, then she would be stripped of that title as well.

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Sarah and Andrew in 2015. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

However, Sarah doesn’t seem to have any interest in meeting new men, as it’s been reported that she and Prince Andrew, 57, not only bought a $17 million Switzerland ski lodge together last year but are also still co-habiting at the Royal Lodge at Windsor! When recently asked about the state of their relationship in 2016, Sarah shared, “We’re divorced to each other right now [but] we’ve never really left each other.” She also responded, “Yes,” when asked if she and Prince Andrew “are still together,” and has gushed that her ex, “will always be my handsome prince.”

Her head-scratching relationship aside, Sarah’s life these days revolves around charity work, her businesses, and her two daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie — the latter of whom just announced her engagement to Jack Brooksbank. “A total embrace of goodness and joy,” Sarah tweeted after her daughter shared the exciting news. “We love Jack and I am so excited to have a son, a brother, and a best friend. Eugenie is one of the finest people I know and so together it will be pure harmony.” The pair are set to marry this fall. Let the royal wedding planning begin!

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