Not to worry! Priscilla Presley wants to make it clear to everyone that she is completely alright and still living her life to the fullest.

“As I have stated before, I’m in very good health, I’m not dying and I still have my memory,” the 74-year-old wrote on her Facebook on Friday, February 14. “Don’t put me under yet … I have to much to do in this lifetime. Where these crazy articles come from is beyond me.”

On a brighter note … to all of you that are coming to Graceland for our popular Elegant Southern Style in March, I’m looking forward to seeing you. Let’s have some fun!!” she added. People of course chimed in, as they filled the comments section with nothing but positive vibes.

Priscilla Presley
John Photography/Shutterstock

“You are still young and gorgeous and yes you still have a lot to do. Happy Valentine’s Day to you — may your heart be full of joy and love,” one fan gushed. Another added, “Always great to know you’re doing well Priscilla! Looking forward to coming to Graceland again.” One person even noted how grateful they are that Priscilla has done all she can to keep her late husband Elvis Presley‘s memory alive.

“Priscilla has so many fond memories of Elvis around the holidays. He loved Christmas and would go all out with elaborate decorations and over the top presents,” an insider once exclusively told Closer Weekly. “To this day she still listens to Elvis’ Christmas songs — it never gets old for her. She recently went to London to see the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra perform his Christmas songs. Priscilla was in heaven, she loves the holidays.” The businesswoman — who is a mom to Lisa Marie Presley and Navarone Garibaldi — is also busy spending time with her grandkids, including her eldest grandchild, Riley, who has gone into the entertainment business.

“Priscilla loves following Riley’s acting career, she’s so proud of her,” another source previously told Closer. “I don’t know if she or Lisa Marie have seen the final cut of her [Riley’s] film, The Lodge, but what they have seen they’re very proud of … It’s a horror story and Riley has gotten some good reviews, so they’re all excited about it.”

We are just glad to hear that Priscilla is doing great and enjoying life with her family!