Prince Harry is changing it up! And, apparently, it’s all thanks to Meghan Markle.

The Duke of Sussex, 34, used to be all about partying and drinking, but ever since he met Meghan, 37, he’s been focused on a cleaner lifestyle — one that includes yoga, meditation and healthier eating. And his life-changes have become even more vital now that he is set to become a father in the spring. The Daily Mail recently broke down a lot of what Harry has been eating and practicing as part of his dad-to-be detox.

Mediation and yoga: those are just two things that Prince Charles‘ son has been extremely into lately. Not only is his wife a fan of those things as well, but their Windsor home is reportedly having a yoga studio built for the pair and their baby. Harry also apparently has exercise sessions at a nearby Chelsea gym, which offers boxing, weight-lifting and more. As far as meditation, the Duke does it every single day. He is also said to wear an Oura ring, which is a fitness tracker. Anything to keep the mind and body in peak form.

Meghan Markle Prince Harry
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Harry has also gone an extra step further in the “new” version of himself and completely banned alcohol from his diet. His wife can’t indulge herself since she’s a mother-to-be, so Harry has shown his support by also avoiding liquor and caffeine, and instead started drinking mineral water. And you know what goes best with water? An all-green diet, which is what Harry and Meghan have been all about, as the latter is a vegan, although that may have changed due to her pregnancy. According to the outlet, Meghan is known to enjoy an acai bowl for breakfast as well as slices of apple with sea salt and peanut butter for snacks. So it’s pretty clear that Harry isn’t stuffing his face with fast food anymore.

Prince Harry Meghan Markle
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Harry’s new lifestyle has also reflected in the way he dresses as he has been nothing but a sharp dresser as of late — a bonus is that his sleek suits usually coordinate with what Meghan is wearing. So here we have a man that is going above and beyond just to stick to his new diet and lifestyle. We’re sure this is something that his family will appreciate as they move forward. With a new diet, wardrobe and outlook, it seems like Harry is absolutely prepared to continue on this route well into fatherhood. We wish him the best!

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