Considering Meghan Markle‘s dedication to healthy living, it’s no surprise that she’s reportedly got her husband, Prince Harry, on a better diet and workout routine since before their May 19 wedding.

“Meghan is a beautiful influence on Harry,” an insider told People. “They both worked hard to be the healthiest they could be before they got married.”

Prior to their nuptials, the royal couple was apparently hitting the gym more and hitting the carbs less. In fact, Vanity Fair reported that Meghan had thrown out all the junk food in Harry’s Kensington Palace pantry and loaded the fridge with vegetables from a Whole Foods Market just steps away from their royal residence.

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Harry has also allegedly been working with London-based nutritionist Gabriela Peacock, according to the New York Daily News. Peacock advises her clients to stick to a low-sugar, high-protein, dairy-free diet, recommending antioxidant-heavy berries and superfood-loaded smoothie bowls. (Another rumored client of hers? Princess Eugenie, one of Harry’s cousins.)

“Meghan encouraged Harry to get rid of any remnants of his party lifestyle,” the insider told People. “She wanted him to get in shape and be healthy.”

Harry has also appeared to be working out more, pumping iron at KX Gym, a Chelsea athletic club that Meghan also favors. “He’s been spotted there at 7 a.m. almost every day,” a source previously told the Daily News. “He’s getting his soldier body back.” (He and Meghan aren’t exactly sweating among mere commoners at the gym as memberships cost up to $1,000 a month.)

“He was already in good shape when he met Meghan but the two of them enjoy healthy living together,” an E! News insider said before their wedding. “They eat sensibly, his diet is very clean and ahead of the wedding, he is working out five times a week with a personal trainer.”

Those aren’t the only healthy changes to Harry’s life, though — Meghan persuaded the 33-year-old to kick his cigarette habit. “Harry has lost weight, started a healthier diet and even gave up smoking cigarettes,” the insider told People. “They both felt amazing leading up to the wedding. And he couldn’t have done it without her support.”

We bet they will keep up this intense diet and workout regimen now that they’re newlyweds, too!

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