Who knew a grandmother could be intimidating? Prince Harry is appearing in the upcoming documentary, Queen of the World, which chronicles Queen Elizabeth‘s life and is set to air on ITV in two parts later this month. In one particularly funny scene, Harry, 34, can be seen chatting with hospitality professionals from the Caribbean at Buckingham Palace — and, during their convo, he warns them about spotting the Queen! 

“You guys have spent way more time in Buckingham Palace than I ever have — and you’ve only been here two weeks,” he joked in a newly-released preview clip for the film. “Have you bumped into the Queen yet? If you suddenly bump into her in the corridor, don’t panic. I know you will. We all do!”

The 92-year-old, however, has seemingly been getting closer to her grandson since he met Meghan Markle. And that’s because she gets along famously with the former actress — and was happy to give them permission to wed on May 19!

meghan markle, queen elizabeth, and prince harry
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“Whenever they’re together, they always have a giggle, and Her Majesty seems to really enjoy hearing Meghan’s thoughts on the world,” an insider recently told Us Weekly. “While Meghan and the Queen come from two very different backgrounds and generations, there’s a warmth between the two that’s genuine and loving.” 

She especially wants to make sure Meghan is never uncomfortable around her. “The Queen made it clear to Meghan that she should never feel that she can’t ask about something or get advice, be it from her or from one of her close courtiers or aides. She has really taken Meghan under her wing,” the source added.

That said, we can’t wait to see what Meghan has to say about her in the documentary! And she and Harry won’t be the only ones to appear in the TV special. According to ITV, the film will feature “behind-the-scenes moments with the Sovereign and other members of the Royal Family.” We can’t wait to watch!

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