Does Prince Harry have Meghan Markle to thank? There have always been multiple reports that Harry and his dad, Prince Charles, don’t have the best relationship, but according to royal reporter Katie Nicholl via Vanity Fair, Charles is “closer to Harry than ever” and has a “lovely relationship with the Duchess” after spending a week with them in Scotland this summer. How sweet!

In fact, Harry’s May 19 wedding to Meghan really helped move the family in the right direction. “The wedding was a real turning point. Charles showed so much love towards Harry and Meghan, and I think Harry will be eternally grateful to his papa for stepping in and giving Meghan’s hand in marriage. The bond between them is very close,” Nicholl shared.

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Royal fans could never forget when Charles escorted her down the aisle after her own dad, Thomas Markle, was unable to make it. “Are you all right? You look lovely,” Charles is believed to have whispered to her during the ceremony, sending chills to viewers everywhere.

Apparently, Meghan and Charles have always been keen on having a strong relationship. “Meghan’s first priority was winning over her future father-in-law,” a royal source once revealed. “At first Harry couldn’t believe she was going to so much effort, but the more time they spent with Charles, the more Harry realized he must bury the hatchet. Harry was very touched by how welcoming Charles was to Meghan who, though confident, must have found adapting to royal life hugely intimidating. Charles played a huge part in making her feel at home.”

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That said, Charles has been there for Meghan throughout all the recent drama with her dad. “[He] has been very supportive of Meghan and everything she is going through with her own father,” an insider told Nicholl. “He’s got a real soft spot for her and thinks she’s the best thing to have happened to Harry.”

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