After leaving baby Archie in Canada to tend to their royal duties in the U.K., Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are missing their son “like crazy,” a source exclusively tells Closer Weekly. They’re “counting down the days” until they get to see him again.

“Harry and Meghan hate being apart from Archie,” the insider says. “[Their baby boy] has already taken his first steps, and Harry and Meghan hate the idea of missing any new milestones while they’re in the U.K. They’ve been FaceTiming him every day to check-in and see his face!”

Royals, London, United Kingdom - 05 Mar 2020
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It was a hard decision to make, but the two lovebirds did what’s best for Archie. “Their U.K. schedules are so hectic,” another source told Closer that “they wouldn’t be able to spend much quality time with him anyway.”

Harry, 35, and Meghan, 38, are scheduled to go to the Mountbatten Music Festival on Friday, March 6, and the annual Commonwealth Day Service on Saturday, March 7. Aside from not getting to spend enough time with their son, the parents of one also decided to leave him behind because they didn’t want to disrupt his peaceful life in Canada.

The Sussexes “want to keep their son out of the spotlight, away from all the paparazzi — which is unlikely to happen if he’s London,” the insider said. “Also, with so many schools in the U.K. closing because of coronavirus they refuse to take any risks.”

Due to Harry and Meghan’s decision to leave Archie behind and also take a step back from their royal duties, Queen Elizabeth met with her grandson on Sunday, March 1, to have a little “heart-to-heart.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Duchess of Sussex visit to Africa - 25 Sep 2019

“Despite everything that’s happened with Megxit, the last thing Elizabeth wants is for Harry to feel estranged from his family, and she made her feelings clear about this in the meeting,” a third insider told Closer. “She often worries about him, and the most important thing to her is to see him happy and settled.”

Once Harry and Meghan reunite with Archie in Canada, they can go back to being a joyous family of three!