He’s starred in classic Hollywood hits like GoldenEye, Mamma Mia! and countless others, so Pierce Brosnan has been a familiar face in Hollywood over the last four decades. Throughout those years, he’s earned a mind-boggling amount of money, and today, his net worth is more than most could ever imagine.

Pierce’s fortune is valued at an estimated $200 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. The iconic actor has been making the big bucks for many years now, but that wasn’t always the case for Pierce, who was raised by his grandparents in a small town in Navan, Ireland.


The Tomorrow Never Dies star eventually moved to London by age 10 to be with his mother, and there, he found his love for acting. According to Hello!, he was introduced to theater by the time he was 16, and he eventually pursued a career as a performer.

He started off as an assistant stage manager, picking up small roles here and there when he could. After being noticed by director Franco Zeffirelli, he began “performing on stage in the West End of London in the early 1970s,” his website’s bio states.

Following a decade on West End, Pierce took his career to Hollywood, snagging his debut role in the 1980 film Murphy’s Stroke. It wasn’t long before he established himself as a star, earning a lead gig in Remington Steele in 1982. Looking back on the start of his journey, Pierce said he felt really “lucky when [he] came to America.”

“I was 27 years old and landed my first audition … a series called Remington Steele,” his website reads. “Life was good. I felt I could be anything I wanted to be. And what I wanted above all was to be in the movies. For me, acting is doing.”


From there, Pierce expanded his résumé with The Heist, Victim of Love, Murder 101, Mister Johnson and Nancy Astor — which earned him his first Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor. He later starred in Detonator, Mrs. Doubtfire, Don’t Talk to Strangers and before turning heads as James Bond in 1995’s GoldenEye. Per Celebrity Net Worth, he took home $4 million for that film alone.

After making his debut as James Bond, Pierce — who has been married to wife Keely Shaye Smith since 2001 — reprised the legendary character in other films, including Tomorrow Never Dies in 1997, The World Is Not Enough in 1999 and Die Another Day in 2002. His portrayal throughout all four cinematic hits earned him more than $48 million.

James Bond certainly isn’t his only legacy, though. Pierce is also known for his work in Mamma Mia!, Laws of Attraction, Some Kind of Beautiful, Love Is All You Need and The Matador, which he was nominated for a Golden Globe. He’s even showed off his talents behind the camera, working as an executive producer on Laws of Attraction, The Greatest and The November Man.

The Hollywood hunk’s latest gig was in 2020’s Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, but he’s got a ton of more gigs lined up in the future. Per IMDb, the dad of five is set to star in The Misfits, False Positive, The King’s Daughter, Black Adam, The Medusa and a few others.

It sounds like Pierce’s net worth is about to grow!