As much as we may love the idea of Paula Abdul and Keanu Reeves together, it never actually happened. The “Forever Your Girl” singer dished about her previous encounter with the Matrix actor when a caller wanted to know about Paula’s relationship status with him on Watch What Happens Live.

“Paula, were the rumors true that you were dating Keanu Reeves after he starred in the ‘Rush Rush’ video? Please say yes!” the caller asked. Unfortunately, Paula had some very disappointing news.

“I wish,” she told the caller, before actually explaining what happened. “I mean I got to see him by accident. It was like the funniest thing. I wanted to introduce myself to him, I hadn’t met him yet and I went up to his trailer and the door was slightly open. He had headphones on and he was air guitaring in his underwear. And I said, ‘That’s my boyfriend.'”

Paula Abdul

As much as Paula was enticed by Keanu’s air guitar moves, they never took their friendship to the next level. “But you never dated?” host Andy Cohen asking to clarify. She simply replied, “No.”

Even though Paula and Keanu were never an item, he’s believed to have secretly dated his John Wick: Chapter 3 costar Halle Berry in the past.

“They started seeing each other even before they began filming,” an insider previously shared to Life & Style. “As soon as they started getting to know each other, they realized there was something there that was stronger than a friendship.”

Apparently, Halle liked the way that Keanu dressed and how he wasn’t that much into fame. “Keanu is totally Halle’s type,” the insider revealed. “She likes that he’s very mysterious, introspective, and down-to-earth. He’s not about the whole Hollywood spotlight thing. She finds that very attractive — and, of course, she thinks he’s super handsome.”

Keanu Reeves

Even though Halle and Keanu never officially came out and said they were dating, his Speed costar Sandra Bullock did say that she admit she had a little crush on the actor.

“It was hard for me to, like, really be serious,” she explained about working with him on the classic movie. “Like, he would look at me and I’d be, like, [giggles], and I’d have to try to, you know, [be serious].”

We understand why Paula and Sandra had a little thing for Keanu. He’s gorgeous!