Growing up as the daughter of country star Mel Tillis, Pam Tillis was completely exposed to show business from the very beginning. Looking back, the 62-year-old songstress credits her superstar father, as well as her mom, Doris Tillis, for being a huge inspiration behind her career. While attending the CMA Awards on November 13, Pam told Closer Weekly the greatest lesson she ever learned from her late parents.

“You know, there were many, many lessons, but off the top of my head, both of my parents were artists, true artists, and just their creativity inspired us,” the “Maybe It Was Memphis” singer exclusively shared with Closer on behalf of her and her five siblings while attending the 53rd annual awards show on Wednesday night.

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“Both of them. My mother wasn’t famous like my dad, but she had no less creative energy than he did,” continued Pam, who lost her dad in November 2017, and then her mother, Doris, in August 2019. “And that was, I mean, it was just insane. They could paint, they could write, they could write music, I mean, whatever. They could cook. Just two of the most creative people that you would ever want to meet.”

Although the Grammy winner has celebrated a plethora of milestone accomplishments throughout her career, including winning CMA Awards’ Female Vocalist of the Year in 1994 and being inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2000, Pam told Closer she’s never been as happy as she is today.


“I’m thankful for friends that share the journey. You know, in the early part of my career, it almost felt solitary a little bit,” she candidly explained. “I mean, I had my family behind me, but when you’re going a million miles an hour, it seemed like I wasn’t getting the opportunity to bond with some of the other artists.”

As Pam has enjoyed the last few years hitting the road with country stars Laurie Morgan, Suzy Bogguss and Terry Clark, as well as many others, she’s gotten to know her fellow country pals. “I just feel like I’m getting to really enjoy this, and the friendships and the business more than I ever have,” she gushed to Closer. “That’s a blessing. I feel so lucky to be a part of it all.”

Pam is such a deserving artist!

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