Should you be buying your tickets already? Not quite yet. Theater fans started getting excited when they thought there was a chance Oprah Winfrey might be coming to Broadway after they saw the media mogul with five-time Tony Award-winner George C. Wolfe at the 2017 Emmys on Sunday, Sept. 17.

However, a source crushed our hopes and dreams when they confirmed that Oprah isn’t preparing for her Broadway debut anytime soon. “They are not working on a play together. Oprah was at the Emmys because she was an executive producer on The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks and George was the director,” the insider told Page Six.

The 63-year-old was set to appear in Night, Mother back in 2015 before she backed out, and she also works as a producer on The Color Purple. In a previous interview with The New York Times, Oprah opened up about what it would take for her to get on the stage.

“I’ve been thinking about, for the past maybe three years, coming to Broadway myself, but when I see how much work is involved, and the kind of energy it takes to do that every night, I don’t know,” she confessed. “I’m looking for the perfect material. Something will come along. If the right material comes along, then I’ll do it.”

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Oprah and George.

She continued, “The appeal would be that there would be a story so compelling and so moving that I would want to experience, share and offer that story on a nightly basis — that’s what it would take for me. A couple of times I’ve been in readings, and I’ve said: ‘Do I really want to say these words? Are these words so moving and so necessary that I feel I will come across the country and give up my dogs and relocate to go onstage every night to say these words?’ I haven’t found those words yet.”

However, if she were to do it, it’d be in a play and not a musical. “That I know for sure,” she said. “I can’t sing.” We still have our fingers crossed that Oprah will one day take the stage!