The month of June is apparently big in the Kidman—Urban household — because it marks Nicole Kidman‘s birthday as well as her wedding anniversary with hubby Keith Urban!

The Oscar-winning actress will celebrate her ninth anniversary (which is FOREVER in Hollywood years!) with her man this month — and in quite the unconventional way.

nicole kidman and keith urban

She told E! Online, “Keith is doing a gig so I’m going with him. I’ll be dancing on the side of the stage and kissing him when he comes off.”

Aww how cute!

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As for her birthday, Nicole just wants to keep it simple and cozy. The soon-to-be 48-year-old star revealed, “I don’t really celebrate a big birthday thing. I always say I get enough attention so I don’t need anymore. I just like to have my family really close and snuggle.”

Happy almost birthday, Nicole!