Hellooooooo! It looks like Mrs. Doubtfire — the nanny who’s really a manny (played by Robin Williams) desperate to be close to his kids after he and his wife break up — is back. Or will be. And he/she/they are headed for the Broadway stage in a musical adaptation of the 1993 film. Somehow, we’re not surprised. After all, why should Mean Girls, Aladdin, The Lion King, Pretty Woman, Frozen, and the forthcoming King Kong have all the fun on stage? 

Directing is Jerry Zacks, whose Broadway credits include A Bronx Tale, Sister Act, and the recent revival of Hello, Dolly! The script for the show will be written by John O’Farrell and Karey Kirkpatrick, the latter of which will take on music and lyrics with Wayne Kirkpatrick. 

Fox Stage Productions’ McCollum and Bob Cohen issued a statement on the show, commenting, “Mrs. Doubtfire is such a beloved story, both laugh-out loud hilarious and extremely moving. Getting this team together and crafting Mrs. Doubtfire for the stage has been pure joy. We can’t wait to get into production.”

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The original film was a massive success, pulling in $441 million at the global box office and proving itself to be one of the late Robin Williams’ biggest hits. That film was directed by Home Alone and Harry Potter‘s Chris Columbus, who found some unexpected inspiration for the material: The Godfather Part II.

“I remember watching The Godfather Part II,” he told Fatherly.com, “and Michael [Corleone] asks his mother if a man can lose his family, and that immediately stuck with me. At the end of that film, Michael loses his family and it’s so brilliant. It hit such an emotional chord with me. And, in an unconventional way, that’s not dissimilar to Mrs. Doubtfire. Hear me out: You have a guy who is in a desperate situation, it’s just painted in a comedic light where Robin Williams dresses up as a Scottish nanny to connect with his kids.”

We don’t know what to say.